Monday, June 2, 2008

Money Bomb- for July 12 march and rally in D.C.

This Flag Day is expected to be the largest funding drive for the July 12th Revolution March and Rally in Washington DC. Revolution Management Foundation, the organizers of the march and rally, have planned a "Money Bomb" to help reach their fund raising goal of over $50,000. Pledges to donate can be made at This family-friendly event is being organized and implemented by volunteers - money raised will be allocated according to the line item budget found on the moneybomb website.

A "Money Bomb" is a one-day, internet-driven, fundraising technique which has been used with great success by the grassroots movement supporting Dr. Ron Paul's Presidential campaign. The "Money Bomb" fundraising method has allowed the campaign to set single day fund-raising records on November 5th, 2007, when it raise over $4.3M, and then again on December 16th, 2007, when it raised over $6M. The technique has also been used to fund Ron Paul's Congressional campaign as well as various other spontaneous grassroots efforts realted to his message of smaller government and constitutional principals.

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is confirmed as the keynote speaker and will be speaking about the future of the grassroots movement which has rallied behind his message of freedom and liberty. He will also be speaking about his recent best-selling book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto". In addition to Dr. Paul, other best-selling authors and well-known intellects will speak. The theme for the series of speakers will be, "To restore the Constitution for Freedom, Peace and Prosperity". Besides the great line-up of speakers, well-known liberty-minded musicians will perform. The rally will take place immediately after the march. This family friendly-event featuring Ron Paul as the keynote speaker is free. See for further details and updates on this series of events. Please take the time and pass the word around to everyone you know.

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