Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Revolution March is only 16 days away! Polls are telling us that it will be a huge success, but there can never be too many voices raised for freedom in our nation’s capitol! We need one more push by every supporter of the freedom movement to ensure that Washington cannot avoid hearing our call for liberty. You will be amazed at the publicity and attention you can generate with a little faxing, e-mailing, phone calling, and sign hanging. Stay tuned for a press release you can send to your local news outlets!

Here are a few ways you can help us promote the march:

1. Print and post fliers: You can put these up all over your town! Supermarkets, coffee shops, telephone poles, campus bulletin boards, workplace bulletin boards, any other heavy traffic areas. Download and print from here:

2. Display graphic banners: Promote the march on your myspace, facebook or website! Electronic banners can be copied here:

3. Leverage your contact lists: Send emails to your friends, family, meetup groups, or other mailing lists. Don't forget about chat rooms!

4. T-shirts – If you can’t buy one from our store, make one! Dorky sells!

5. Facebook: Confirm as a guest on our facebook event page – be sure to invite your friends!

6. Myspace: Become our friend on myspace! We’d love a spot on your top friends between now and July 12!!!!! Don’t forget to post bulletins to let your friends know.

7. YouTube: Add Dr. Paul's message about the march to your favorites on YouTube! Add this video to your myspace, facebook, or emails!

Let’s do everything we can to make this march the biggest that Washington D.C. has ever seen. This is our chance to show our government, our country, and the rest of the world how many of us there are that want to be free. You’ve already done so much that it is hard to ask anymore of you, but we will never have a chance like this again.

We are excited to see you at the march! Please begin assembling at 9:30am on the Northeast lawn of the Washington Monument.

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