Monday, February 25, 2008

Will it work?

A peaceful march on Washington, D.C. is hardly a new idea. There have been a number of successful marches, going back many years, many of which are still remembered today:

* In 1913, the “Women’s Suffrage March” brought 5,000 women to the nation’s capital (quite a feat for that era). The attention the march received was only the beginning of a movement that culminated in women gaining the right to vote.

* In 1979, one of the most interesting marches, “Tractorcade,” saw 6,000 American farmers actually drive their tractors to Washington to protest the government’s farm policies.

* In 1995, the “Million Man March” focused attention on the fact that blacks, especially males, were ignoring their opportunity to make a difference by failing to vote. Although it had some controversial participants such as Louis Farrakhan, this march resulted in the voter registration of 1.5 million black men in the months to follow.

* On Mother’s Day in 2000, the “Million Mom March,” a protest seeking “sensible gun laws” filled the National Mall with a sea of humanity. This march was undoubtedly named based upon the success (and name recognition) of the “Million Man March.” Those who didn’t go to Washington held “sympathy marches” in support of the cause around the country. Supporters of the “Million Mom March” have remained active, and continue to make a difference in legislation through their various state chapters.

* Of course, the most famous march of all was the 1963 “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” Though few remember its actual name, the whole world remembers its result: Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech. Despite predictions of violence, and some harassment of participants along the way, the considerable police presence wasn’t necessary, because the march was completely peaceful. In fact, some have called it one of the seminal events of the 20th Century.

The point here is that these marches were extensively covered by the mainstream media and, even though that very media has done its best to ignore Dr. Paul and dismiss his massive outpouring of grassroots support, it could hardly ignore a National Mall literally carpeted with Paul supporters. So those who say a “Revolution March” on Washington is a bad idea would seem to be ignoring history.

Of course, there would need to be superb organization, publicity and -- most important of all -- participation. It’s true that not everyone can “drop everything and go to Washington,” which some have put forth as a reason not to have a rally at all. True, a poor turnout could spell disaster, but, considering the dedication of Paul followers, that seems unlikely, especially if those unable to go to Washington hold simultaneous state-wide rallies in support of the march.

Additionally, if the “Ron Paul Revolution” were to effectively organize and promote a “grand rally,” Dr. Paul would be free to give the attention necessary to retaining his seat in Congress, which is paramount. In fact, an extraordinary rally, minus Dr. Paul’s personal presence, would send a strong message as to the extent of his support.

As concerns the notion that the solution is a Third Party run, one need only look again to history. There have been numerous tries at establishing a viable Third Party, none of which have been successful. Even the Libertarian Party, with which Dr. Paul was affiliated, was unable to make a difference in American politics.

Frankly, such attempts have almost always been relegated to the “nut fringe” by mainstream Americans. Consequently, that would seem a poor way to attempt to forward a cause that can save America and implement a return to the Constitution of the United States -- one of the most brilliantly crafted documents in human history.

The last time viable change was achieved from “outside” was when the Pilgrims set sail and founded what was to become The United States of America. The most notable failure of change attempted from outside was, of course, the Civil War. Change must come from within. Those who throw up their hands and declare the Republican Party dead and buried are simply giving up. “Because it’s too hard…” is not a viable reason to abandon a noble pursuit.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Revolution March- About Us!

Revolution March is the first web site to call into action a mass mobilization of support for Ron Paul and the freedom revolution. was organized February 8, 2008 to effectively coordinate non-violent political demonstrations for but not limited too: libertarians, true conservatives, and classic liberals. February 11th, Ron Paul suggested in his “Go The Distance” speech that a march would be something to consider. Several days after that Ron Paul campaign organized a “March Exploratory Committee”, showing their support for freedom loving citizens to organize and demonstrate. Our initial planning always included the hope that Dr. Paul would be the key speaker at the rally. We are joyful at his recently announced intention to rally. What we are hearing from our grass roots, however, is unmistakable. Such a mass mobilization is in-heredity grass-roots in nature, and the consensus we understand clearly is that the people want this action to be theirs.

The idea of mass mobilization has been discussed in the movement for some time. Following the primaries, these discussions became serious. One group has taken April 15th target, which was to soon to plan for mass mobilization. Another group simply suggested the idea of mobilization with no real activity. Our group got down to business.

We have simultaneously launched our promotions apparatus. The nucleus of this is our network of 100 promoters, nation wide who interface with their local meet up groups and other supporters. They will disseminate accurate, up-to-date information regarding the action as it approaches. Additionally, over 1900 persons are "pledged" to our direct news updates.

Other resources at our disposal are graphics production, programming & website technologies. We have an evolving PR team, a meet up group liaison program, and several other promotional partnerships underway. We currently enjoy support & involvement from Ron Paul Radio, The Free State Project, The Freedom Fellowship and Aaron Russo's Restore the Republic

The Revolution March Team

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daily Update! Exciting News

Hello Everyone,
It has been a week since I last wrote you so I wanted to give you an update on what we have been doing. While we haven't talked in a week we have been working hard to continue to organize the march for freedom on Washington D.C. We have put together an organization with many talented volunteers to help make this happen, and we want to thank all those who are working with us.

Permits and Dates!

Everyone is wondering when the date of this march and rally will be and we hope that very soon we can give you a date. Last week we mailed the application for the proper permits to march in D.C. and we know they received it Tuesday. When we put in the application we gave them several dates and several locations we would like to have our march and rally. Most of the dates we selected were in June, the 14th and 21st are two of the dates we selected as preferred dates. We did this at their recommendation due to the high volume of permit requests for the summer dates. We want everyone to know that the final date, as well as the location, will be selected by the National Parks Service. Once we have the date and location, we will let you know.

Website News!
The other exciting announcement we would like to make is about the website. If you have not seen it yet, the new design is up and we are now ready to take serious pledges. Please go to the website and pledge so you can see what we have done. Make sure you go through the site and send us any suggestions you might have on how to better promote the site.

When you pledge you will get your own unique site. What is wonderful about this is now you can use your site to gather pledges. This will go towards our total count and will allow us to track how many people each individual got to pledge. The point of each person getting their own unique site is to allow us to promote this in a social networking setup. This will allow people to volunteer to help in many ways and promote that on their site. You can make and add Revolution March Friends, specify your location, specify your travel plans, tell us how you can help us by volunteering for open positions.

Meet Up Group Liaison

At the top of the website you will see many links to other pages on the website. One of these links is "Meet-Up Liaison". We are seeking one person from every meet-up group to represent us in their meet-up group. This person will help spread our message and announcements to the rest of the group as well as help coordinate travel to the event. The meet-up group liaison is very important in spreading this event to the revolution, and in helping us recruit more liaisons.

Bryan Siemon

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Revolution March Update!

While we have made significant progress in the process to secure date and permits, we have not received official confirmation at this time. We know that the Ron Paul campaign is looking into this process and as of Thursday at 4:00 PM they have just started an exploratory committee.

We applaud the campaign for it's decision to create a "March Exploratory Committee". We look forward to working with them.

As of now we have the organization formed, and we have hundreds of volunteers and thousands interested in Marching with us. Thank you for your support and please continue to support the grassroots effort and Revolution March.

Best Regards

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daily Update 2/13

We have some exciting new announcements coming in the next couple of days. To give you a hint it involves dates for the Rally and March as well as location. Stayed tuned for that. As we talked about in our previous blog the website will be going through some changes. We know that it was not the best looking site, we put it up in less than and hour and six hours later the response was so overwhelming that we had to work to organize all the inquiries. Even Ron Paul supports the effort to March on Washington for Freedom! Please check our site regular for updates and changes and tell all your friends about our site and everyone in your meet up group (
This is a serious march and we have some real people with talent in this area working hard to put this together and make it happen.
Also Gina emailed me today expressing her support. If you don't know who Gina is, she is running for Miss Ron Paul and you can vote for her at
For all the latest on Ron Paul be sure to go to

Stay tuned for more announcements to come!


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ron Paul March On Washington

Ron Paul was on Alex Jones show today and said he would like to see the March and Rally on Memorial Day weekend or Fourth of July weekend. Please go to our website and and vote now.

Daily Update 2/12

Hello everyone
I take it you have seen the new video released by Ron Paul, how exciting that we put up our site and he talks about a March in the video!
We have started the process to get the permit and finalize a date, I can't say exactly when we will have a date set in stone, please stay with us as we work that out. It is very important to know that if you do not do the permits and make all arrangements with D.C. that the Capitol Police are not going to be very welcoming. So we are making sure we do this right. Beware of other sites claiming to do this. We are serious about this, we have almost reached our goal of 100 promoters and we now have over 600 people subscribed to our feed.

Tomorrow look on our site for:
1. A sign up. This sign up will let you register and pledge to be part of our march.
2. A poll to help us get a better feel for what date is most popular
3. We will have a form with a list of jobs we need volunteers for.

Thanks for being part of this everyone.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Talent Needed!

As we organize this march and rally we will need some professionals in certain areas volunteer to help us. Right now we are looking for legal counsel, a person or firm that can help with public relations (press, promote, & advertise), and a person(s) who is a writer. You can email and give us your information and we will contact you. If you are a professional business and volunteer to help us we will let all involved know about your business and services. You will get space on our blog and website as a trade.

Daily Update 2/11

Hello all,
Today was a day to go over the application for permits and other red tape issues we need to do the March and Rally legally and right. We are working on getting a set day and time in Washington D.C. and will post that as soon as it is available. Everyday we get closer to the goal of 100 hardcore promoters, if you are interested in helping out got to for more details. We are also in the process of updating the website with new information and a place to take pledges. We are intially looking for 5000 people to pledge that they will be there on the day and time we can secure in D.C. After that the sky is the limit, let us all work to make this an historical event.
Please remember this is a positive family event, it is a non-violent march and rally. We are marching to let the voice of freedom be heard.

Revoluton March Blog

Welcome to the Revolution March Blog! Subscribe to our feed and stay updated on everything that is going on with the Revolution March and Rally being held this summer. We welcome all freedom loving people to take part in this historical march and rally in Washington D.C. As we have committed speakers, entertainment and even the actual date of the event we will post it to our blog immediately.