Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bomb set to detonate the 14th of June

A money bomb that is!

The Revolution March needs 1000 people to donate fifty bucks.

If there was ever something needing to be funded - this one is it!!!


The goal is to raise $50,000 on Flag Day June 14th. Donations go to
fund the Revolution March on July, 12th in Washington D.C.

We only need 1000 people to donate $50.00 each and we will succeed!

Let's make The Revolution March the biggest event yet to happen in
The R3VO1UTION . You can be an early part of that success by being
part of this fun and inspirational event. Pledge today!

The goal of The Revolution March is to organize a peaceful,
non-violent march on the streets of Washington DC followed by a
rally in support of the R3VO1UTION that is happening in America. By
involving as many volunteers and participants as we can, we intend
to spread the know-how of mass mobilization and direct-action to
the movement.

As a law-abiding movement, it's our responsibility to use these
Constitutional tools wisely and effectively.

By inviting people outside the conservative or republican camps, we
hope to extend the R3VO1UTION to all people of all backgrounds.

If you haven't pledged yet, you can go to and read all about it.

Need a ride to D.C? Visit the Ron Paul Convoy at
and let em know.

Congressman Ron Paul is the confirmed keynote speaker. MC's include
Gary Franchi and Ernest Hancock. Speakers expected include G. Edward
Griffin, Noami Wolf, and many many more. Performances by Pokerface, Marc Scibilia and more.

Dr. Paul gave us our Marching Orders! -
please help fund it.

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