Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why are we in this movement?

The energy surrounding the freedom movement is growing. The message of smaller government and personal liberty is rapidly spreading. This message is bigger than presidential politics, it is wider than party lines, and most importantly, it is a message that comes from YOU. While inspired by the Presidential Campaign of Republican candidate Ron Paul, The Revolution has grown into something beyond what he or any other freedom-loving individual would have dreamed. Remember, this movement is about the message, not the man! This march will represent the momentum of the grass roots, it will represent our strength, our passion, and show our elected officials that we are unified, paying attention, and that we will not go away.

To reiterate how large this movement has become, here is a list of events you might be interested in:
Revolution March on July 12
Freedom Tour 2008 with Mark Scibilia
Great American Walk for Freedom, organized by Steve Vincent
Republican National Convention

Over 50% of our online pollers estimate 100 thousand people to be at the March on July 12!

Have you made your travel plans yet (

Please don't forget to pledge to our Flag Day money bomb ( so we can make this event a success!

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