Thursday, June 12, 2008

In case you missed it....

Revolution March Radio aired its 7th episode last night at The featured guest was Marcy Brooks, forewoman of the jury in Whitey Harrell vs. State of Illinois and featured in Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism. Harrell was acquitted of four counts of willful failure to file income taxes when the jury decided that the prosecution could not prove that Harrell was liable to pay income taxes. Ms. Brooks talked about the trial and her experience with Aaron Russo, and lamented the widespread apathy that has led some to call her “the thinking juror.” Ms. Brooks also shared that, since the Harrell case, judges have been instructing juries not to consider the law in making their decision. She encouraged jurors instructed in this manner to “go through the process and let him go,” meaning to acquit in any case where they are not allowed to consider the law.

Deborah Robinet, RMF Treasurer, gave an update on the speaker list, most of which is confirmed. She is still working on a few speakers, but has confirmed Ron Paul as the keynote speaker, Naomi Wolfe, Congressman Jim Guest, Michael Scheuer, and many more. She is actively seeking more freedom-oriented candidates running for office this year.

Ray Powell, RMF IT Director and cofounder gave updates on the revamped website, with a special thanks to Tom Porter, who contributed the slick graphics from Germany. Susan Wolfe, Travel and Lodging Committee Chairman, gave updates about Ron Voy, while Trevor Oyate, March Logistics Officer, thanked the volunteers and is still accepting more.

Bryan Seimon, RMF Chairman and cofounder, also reminded everyone that or are up and running to accept donations to complete the funding needed for the event. This Saturday June 14 is the Flag Day money bomb that we hope puts us over the top!

The show ended with the song “Control” by Revolution March confirmed performer, Pokerface.

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