Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Freedom Tour with Marc Scibilia

The Freedom Tour musicians are now playing to crowds of freedom lovers all over the nation. Currently on their way to Salt Lake City, the guys are excited to be reinvigorating meetups and drawing fresh faces into the cause of freedom and liberty. They are about half way through their tour. There are many dates left to go, Salt Lake City, UT, Boulder, CO, And a dozen more as they push back toward the East Coast. The Freedom Tour band featuring Marc Scibilia is also performing at the July 12 Revolution March in Washington DC.

Award winning Nashville film-maker and fellow liberty lover was honored to be asked to follow the tour and document it. An exciting way you can stay up to do date with what the Freedom Tour is doing is through their very own reality TV show which they put up daily on their website, http://FreedomTour.TV

Israel Anderson, Director of the tour organized a $15,000 loan from Larry Lepard, the same patriot that purchased the full-page ad for Ron Paul in USA Today. That ad alone cost $80,000 btw. But the loan the tour got which was for the RV and for gas is fast depleting. Not only is it not going to be enough to get them all the way through their tour and back home again, but they also have a loan they need to pay back at the end. Let's help them with this!

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Anonymous said...

um everyone should checkout loudobbsradio.com and listen to hour one around the thirty minute mark. Today I challenged Lou Dobbs and the "independent nation" to go to revolutionmarch.com and come support us and our issues on July 12th!!!