Friday, May 16, 2008

Revolution March Radio Show Episode 3

If you missed the show this week you can listen to the podcast here ->

This week on our show, Marc Scibilia joined us to discuss his Freedom Tour and being at our event. If you haven't heard Marc Scibilia will play at the event, thank you Marc! Visit their website at
We had our 1st meeting with our core team last night. It is a great team and we thank everyone for being part of it.
We can still use volunteers. Tune in and find out what is still needed.
Many have asked what time the march is, tune it to get that answer.

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Noel said...

I'm up here in Newfoundland, Canada.

I was going to go to the march as a Canadian but also as a concerned neighbor. We are best friends, not brothers and I wanted to carry my support and message to Washington. However my best friend is getting married so I will say what I wanted to say right here.

Me, as a Newfoundlander first, Canadian second, I am like a neighbor in an established neighborhood. Our nice neighbor moved out (was killed) back in the mid 60's and since then nothing but crack heads, psychos have lived in their dwelling since. The garden has gone to utter shit and the noise is best described as insane. The newest neighbor, his name is george... With a little g. He got into a fight with another from an adjacent subdivision. The use of a shotgun didn't help. Since then its been disgust, noise, terror and strangers hopping our fence to get revenge on this neighbor. He is trouble and if it was pardonable or legal even I would gladly do the necessary deed and silence the noise, rid of the terror myself.

Why the hell can't we get someone decent in their place? I hear a man Ron wants in, the neighbors love him but his former landlords are pissed and will not endorse him or give him a moment of their time for the required recommendation to our housing committee. Hence he can't be elected to live there. Such a shame. Our house has depreciated, both in value to the market and to us. We could almost give our property away as this problem neighbor is making our land worthless!

If only those that love him and can vouch for him came and protested on our association member's lawn. Then we all would open our eyes and shove him in, close the doors and live in peace right after the complimentary bbq steak & pie slice delivered to his door on the first day.

The white house has been filled with crackpot / crackhead / subservient puppets since their handlers killed JFK. The country hijacked. It's more evident day by day. Listen to JFK's last speech to see what killed him and what you, dear neighbor, are facing right now.

I'm DEEPLY saddened that my best buddy decided to get Married on July 12th. I may till find a way out of it by way of a nicer present! I still may make it to show support for the candidate and his people that make up the formerly greatest country ever.

Ron Paul, I pray for your success every time I pray. It is at the top of my prayer and most important in my expressed desires to our creator. When / if you do win, NEVER buckle to those guys that will be soon to visit you in your first days in office. They will be many and of a mysteriously international flavor but thank God your hair is already grey. You've seen the real light already.

Be not tainted by the seed of the pest you expel from your fertile garden. Plant in its place, something beautiful to the masses and hold it true as your ideal of beauty as it is those who found you beautiful that entrusted you in the task of selection of such rare growth.

Blessed be you, Ron Paul!

Noel in Newfoundland, Canada