Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Revolution March II

Another Revolution March is being planned by a new group of Grassroots Ron Paul supporters. Will you be part of it?

The Revolution Unites in D.C.
Stefanie Capraro

The Revolution March on Washington D.C. on October 15th, 2011 is similar to the original Ron Paul Revolution March which was held during the last campaign. People from all over the nation will gather at the Washington Monument at 8am, march down Constitution Ave and conclude at the west front of the Capitol Building. Once at the Capitol Building, special guests will be highlighting the vital issues of Constitutional commitment, liberty, sound money, the economy, the Federal Reserve System, and foreign policy. These are the urgent matters that plague today’s humanity and social order, therefore spreading the message is of utmost significance. The guest speakers are Matt Shea, Michael Boldin, Jarod Fuller, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Richard Mack, Doug Tjaden, David Gay, and Karen Kwiatkowski.

The march is an organic and communal effort to spread the message of liberty to a wider group of people all over the country both young and old. It is also an effort to shed light on the Ron Paul media blackout in confidence of raising awareness on these liberty topics which also happen to share Ron Paul’s campaign platform. It is dire to understand that without informing others to the solutions that can be had, the problems of today will overflow into the future and consequently, out of control. We, with a limited government, are the solutions to the problems and our message must be like glue. Our liberty message must stick in the hearts and minds of all who see the problems of today – that is what this march is about, providing the answers to steer our own futures and getting noticed in doing so. One by one, we aim to take the country back and put the power in “we the people.”

Much like the previous march, this is a grassroots effort and in need of funding to get the speakers and necessary equipment to D.C. The Revolution March needs your help to do this. You can get more information about the march, donations, sponsorship packages, and the intended guests online at www.revolutionmarch.org. Any size donation is helpful and comes with a special Revolution March donor certificate.