Monday, December 7, 2009

Do you support the Liberty Restoration Project, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance and / or Gadsden Tees?

Here is an opportunity to support all three :)

For one week only, the first 50 shoppers: $20 gets you a 2010 Ladies of Liberty Alliance Calendar (I am May!) and a "Come and Get it" Gadsden Tee! Shop here : .

LOLA is working to bring liberty loving women into the movement while empowering them into leadership positions!

LRP is moving and shaking at the State Level in Missouri, working hard to promote sovereignty through nullification laws and through empowering the grassroots to stand up against fusion centers. support grassroots organizations all over the country by providing a way for them to raise much needed dollars and by turning our supporters into walking billboards :)

Please check out our latest and greatest collaborative project with Texans for Accountable Government at (check back for updates, they will be coming fast in the next few days.

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

Freedom reaches across party lines.

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Subject: [Liberty Restoration Project] Special Three Organization Store Collaboration

You're probably aware that we re-launched our store last month, with a few new items that have received rave reviews, but today starts a special treat!We generally try to limit use of our mailing list to informational purposes, instead of promoting our sales department, but we felt that this special was too special not to let everyone know about it.

This is a rare one week opportunity to support three organizations with one small purchase!

We've teamed up with Gadsden Tees and Ladies of Liberty Alliance to offer Gadsden Tees' "Come and Take It" shirt and 2010 LOLA Calendar for the low price of $20.00Both of these items make great gifts for any patriot in your life.

To make a purchase and help these three organizations into the new year, visit and buy a calendar/shirt special!stay tuned throughout the rest of the year for important information on the great things we have planned for 2010!!!!

Thank you for your time,
Kevin L. Kobe
KC Area Director,
Liberty Restoration Project

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mid-West Liberty Festival


For immediate release – August 6th, 2009

Contact: Catherine Bleish

Liberty Restoration Project

Telephone: 816.868.8806

HEADLINE: Announcing the Midwest Liberty Fest: Activism, Education and Celebration

August 6th, 2009: The DuQuoin, Illinois fairground will be brought to life by the spirit of liberty on October 9, 10 and 11 as grassroots activists from across the political spectrum gather for the Midwest Liberty Fest. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from successful activists, hear from current candidates and celebrate the growing movement toward freedom from government oppression.

The planning committee, sponsored by the Liberty Restoration Project, consists of activists who decided to provide the public with an event centered around ideas that unite us instead of divide us. The goal is to empower concerned citizens through the knowlege and real experiences of successful movers and shakers; eveyone should be able to walk away with action items and project ideas in hand!

The well known names in the liberty movement will be paired with up and coming leaders. From Adam Kokesh, the anti-war activist turned Congressional Candidate to Michael Badanarik, the 2004 Libertarian candidate for President and Constitutional Scholar to Sherif Joe Mac, the man educating our nation's law enforcment on their Constitutional role, attendees will have the opportunity to learn from some serious movers and shakers.

Interested speakers, musicians or sponsors should send a letter of request to the planning team at the following email address:

Donatations will provide transportation for speakers, location rental and insurance costs, and promotional materials such as radio and television ads. Keep your eyes on for an up to the minute confirmed speakers list and the upcoming announcment of our commerative ticket.



Adam Kokesh (US Congressional Candidate for NM District 3)

RJ Harris (US Congressional Candidate for OK District 4)

Ed Martin (potential US Congressional Candidate for MO District 3)

Rosanna Pulido (US Congressional Candidate for IL District 5)

Adam Andrzejewski (Gubernatorial Candidate for IL)

Randy Stufflebeam (Gubernatorial Candidate for IL)

Dr. Tim Nerenz (US COngressional Candidate for WI Distrcit 2)


Michael Badnarik (former Libertarian Presidential Candidate, Constitutional Scholar)

Valinda Rowe (2nd ammendment activist)

Dr. Carl Estabrook (Visiting Professor of Sociology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Dr. Michael Coffman (President of Environmental Perspectives, Inc. (EPI), and Executive Director of Sovereignty International.)

Grassroots Activists

Jan Stover (Founder and Director of The Mothers Institute)

"Sheriff" Mack (Author, Speaker and Advocate of State and individual rights.)

Sandra Crosnoe (Oklahoma grassroots activist, blogger, and social media extraordinaire)

Catherine Bleish (Missouri grassroots activist, executive director of the Liberty Restoration Project)

Solo Acts and Bands

Jordan Page

Farid Ahmed

Pending speaking confirmation from
Cindy Sheehan
Rand Paul
Ron Paul

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

Freedom reaches across party lines.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Spreading Freedom Through The Music!

Here is another great song and video. Our last video bomb with Jordan Page "Pendulum" is on track to 10,000 views!

Check out my new video

Click Here if video doesn't appear in your window.

Thanks for the support and please help pass it around.

Bryan Siemon

Monday, June 22, 2009

Music in the movement!

We are writing to you to help preserve and promote the influence of music as an element of social change. Your commitment to peace and protest, and the fight for social justice can be furthered by your support of a dynamic and committed musical artist whose message is both challenging and empowering, and who reminds us all, that the work begun by the visionaries of our nation is not yet done.

Jordan Page is a young singer/songwriter/guitarist who uses his music to promote a message of peace while educating and mobilizing resistance to tyranny and the erosion of American civil rights. He embodies the protesting spirit of past years that is so rare in music today. He believes that armed service is not the only way to serve one’s country. Armed with the truth in song, he has raised up his voice in opposition to extreme military foreign policies, the corruption of the Federal Reserve, subversion of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, torture of prisoners, warrantless domestic surveillance, and oppression perpetrated by globalist elements in government. His songs are often stirring, always challenging, and as such, have not received the support of major record labels.

Jordan was a featured performer at the historic Revolution March in DC in July 08, which featured Ron Paul, Naomi Wolf, and Adam Kokesh as speakers and was attended by more than 10,000 people from across the nation. This event was proof of the gathering strength of the Freedom Movement, and the need to bring its message to the American public.

Constantly on the move, Jordan is affiliated with, has appeared on, or is endorsed by a multitude of political advocacy groups, publications, and radio stations including Restore the Republic, Polygraph Radio, Oracle Broadcasting, XM Radio, WRNR Radio Annapolis, WORT Radio Madison WI, VH1 Channel One, Liberty Unleashed, Vigilante Radio, End the Fed, American Vigilance Coast to Coast, Revolution Broadcasting, Progressive Radio, Future of Music Coalition, Free Press, and the Huffington Post.

Music is a powerful vehicle for social/political change, and with the homogenization of radio, increasing corporate control of mainstream news outlets, and the climate of fear that stifles our society, quality entertainment with real message is lost. Jordan Page is a new, clear, and committed voice who can bring the message of the Freedom Movement to a whole new audience with compelling songs of hope, protest and peace. In this endeavor, we are seeking your help.

At this writing, Jordan is within $10,000 of our budget for the recording, manufacturing, and promotion of his new album. This new collection of songs will speak passionately to the issues we face as a nation in turmoil, and the solidarity we require to prevent its ruin. Your donation to Jordan Page Music will provide direct support toward these efforts, which will be followed up with a subsequent tour and press campaign. Protest is patriotic, music is the medium, and the artist for this era is Jordan Page.

For additional information on Jordan Page or to hear some powerful examples of his work, please visit Jordan's Myspace Page, and his website.

Click Here to make a donation today.

For details to make adonation by check or money order please contact Jordan using the email below.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Video Bomb!

No Money needed! Just wacth the video then pass it around to everyone you know. Post it on your Facebook and MySpace Page!We appreciate the support. Lets use the power of music to spread the word of freedom!

Click Here if the player doesn't appear in your window.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Open Letter To Justin Williams

June of 2009, the Supreme Court of South Carolina ruled that Governor Mark Sanford can not refuse the Federal Stimulus money being giving to his state. Justin Williams, a third year law student was one of the plantiffs that brought this suit against Gov. Sanford. A June 10th article by Katie Jones from UWire and reported on discusses the suit and references Justin Williams and what he has done. In response to this article I have written an open letter to Mr. Justin Williams. Below is the link to the article on and then my open letter to Mr. Williams.,2933,525675,00.html

Dear Justin William,

Recently you made the news for your role in bringing a suite against the Governor of your state Mark Sanford for refusing to accept the "bailout" money from the Federal Government. While I admire your altruistic views I want to take this time to point out how your actions came with ramifications that quite frankly I would expect a third year law student to think through. My first conclusion is they do not teach law students about the constitution in South Carolina’s schools. My second conclusion is that some law students don’t take the time to read and understand the Constitution on their own. Had you read and studied this document, a document that is the basis of our country's Government you would have known that Gov. Sanford was doing the right thing and was only looking out for the best interest of South Carolina. You may wonder why someone like myself living in California cares about what you have done and why you have done it, I can only point out that what you have done affects all Americans, not just those living in South Carolina. How you managed to convince your Supreme Court to rule in favor of forcing the Governor to take this money is a quandary. What you and the Supreme Court told Gov. Sanford is that you have to participate in plundering the rest of the nation for your righteous cause. I do believe that those justices should hang their heads low and ultimately the citizens of your state should call for their removal. They failed at their job to uphold the Constitution as you have failed on your job as a citizen. Your actions and the decision of your state’s Supreme Court will ultimately hurt those very same people you think you are looking out for. Their cost of living will increase due to the inflation caused by all the printing of new money for these bailouts and their taxes will increase in order for the government to cover up this hidden tax. Thanks to your actions, the Federal Government will now have more power and permission to continue to plunder the citizens of your state and every other state in the union.

The powers delegated to Congress do not include the funding of state projects including education. I commend Gov. Mark Sanford for attempting to shake off the yoke of federal funding; funding which the federal government uses to bully States to their will. The powers of the State in regards to the lives of their citizens must not be infringed. Gov. Sanford’s actions in refusing stimulus money were in the State’s best interests and, by extension the rest of the nation. Only the residents of a particular state can fully understand the needs of that state. An all-encompassing central government was the last thing our founders wanted when they imagined a free and prosperous Republic. By subverting the Governors authority in this matter you have done your state a grave disservice. You have enabled the Federal Government to have an ever-increasing stranglehold on your state, given them just-cause in their ever increasing spending when many Americans are struggling just to get by. Where do you think this "stimulus" money comes from? It comes from the pockets of hard working Americans who will be taxed even further to keep up with this, illegal I might remind you, spending. So thank you Mr. Williams, thank you for stealing from me and every other tax-paying American just so you will not have to pay for your own education, as a responsible individual should. While you celebrate your imagined victory, just remember that when you finally graduate your earning power will be significantly decreased due to the mass inflation caused by the spending you championed.

I do not know all of Gov. Sanford’s policies but I do know he was right with his decision to refuse the money. He is the true hero. Not many Governors are willing to stand up against the unconstitutional powers of Federal Government has usurped. I would direct you to read both Article One, Section Eight of the Constitution as well as the Tenth Amendment. As you are a law student, the text of these items should be clear.

From this day forward I would suggest you work with-in your state and community to have your altruistic views enacted and leave the Federal Government out of it as the Constitution directs. I also suggest you draft letters of apology to your fellow citizens and to Gov. Sanford for your actions as they will, in the end, have the opposite effect on your state than you intended. The citizens of South Carolina should applaud Gov. Sanford and recognize that his decision was in the best interest of the state and its people. I personally want to thank Gov. Sanford for his courage in standing up to the Federal Government, for his understanding of his State’s rights and hope that he serves as an example to all the Governors of the other forty-nine states. Our Governor here in California is standing there like Oliver Twist saying, “Please sir can I have some more”. Your Governor is standing up saying “No More” -- a statement that makes him the real hero.

Please, feel free to contact me at in defense of your position, and you are more than welcome to come on our online radio show, Liberty Unleashed which airs Monday-Friday, 6:00pm-7:00pm Eastern.

Bryan Siemon
Liberty Unleashed

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Paul, Bar and Baldwin supporters on "list" in Missouri

In response to this:

This has been confirmed via telephone by Officer Hotz who spoke with Catherine Bleish and confirmed they "stand by everything the documents say" and that "militias are a threat as MO officers have been killed by militia members"

To help MO citizens develop a strategic plan of action in response to this - please call in immediately following the Liberty Restoration Hour ( at 8pm central to help with plans. Make this go vira, please.

Conference Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3625

Participant Access Code: 999525#

peace, love and liberty,
Catherine Bleish

Press Release

For Immediate Release

Liberty Restoration Project responds to Document released by Mo. Division of Drug and Crime Control/ Missouri Information Analysis Center

Kansas City, MO. March 12th 2009:

The Liberty Restoration Project (LRP) obtained a notice today that was released by the Missouri Division of Drug and Crime Control, P.O. Box 568 in Jefferson City today. This document declares that “Militia Members most commonly associate with 3rd Party political groups” indicating Congressman Ron Paul, former Congressman Bob Barr, and Pastor Chuck Baldwin to be springboards of Anti-government militia groups in Missouri. The Liberty Restoration Project views this document as defamation to a growing “Freedom Movement” that is focused on peace, freedom, civil liberty, and constitutional obedience. The Liberty Restoration Project in Kansas City is a focus group based off of many of the principles laid forth by 3rd Party leaders, including an audit and/or repeal of the Federal Reserve Banks of the United States, and many other topics that are addressed by these leaders.

The document in question is still pending a confirmation of validity, yet when representatives of the LRP have called the attached phone numbers, they have been met with confirming messages stating that they are aware of the document, and that they would have someone return a phone call. One of the reasons the LRP believes that this document is so destructive is because of Congressman Ron Paul’s Regional “Campaign For Liberty” conference in St. Louis starting on the 27th of March, 2009 which will bring in hundreds of Ron Paul supporters and “Freedom Movement” groups. The LRP believes that this is a blatant attempt to stifle liberty and a message that teaches American people what it means to be an American with a voice, and a message of peace and civil liberty. The Liberty Restoration Project is currently awaiting a response from the Division of Drug and Crime Control. The only names listed on this document come in the form of email, and the names listed are: Brandon Middleton, and Greg Hug.

The Liberty Restoration Project also wants to express their views about “Militia’s”, citing the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution; “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Although no members of the LRP are members of a militia, they feel that a Militia is Constutionally founded and have advocated in the past for Missouri representatives to adhere to their oath of office to uphold the Constitution and abide by the 2nd Amendment. Yet the document in question annotates a Militia as something to be feared, warned against, and fought. The LRP wishes for a retraction of this document, and a public apology made, and if this is not met, the LRP has promised heavy activism against their Division and will pursue further actions to correct what they feel is a devastating misrepresentation of what the “Freedom Movement” is about.

For More information about the LRP, please visit:

For More information about the Campaign For Liberty, please visit:

Attached you will find scans of the Document in question.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Restore the Republic Radio Shutting Down Forever

Just when we are on the verge of being self-sufficient through lowered server costs and increased support from advertising revenue, radio created by the revolution, for the revolution is about to disappear forever! If you've taken time to listen to Ron Paul Radio, Revolution Broadcasting, or RTR Radio over the past 18 months, you know how important this project is.

Maybe we are just another victim of the NWO planned financial collapse. Maybe every member of the revolution really has already had their wealth stolen from them by the government in collusion with the bankers. If that is true, we are about to lose our ability to tell anyone about it.

These days we are finding that even when we ask, we are unable to even raise the amount of funding in a whole month that we used to raise in a single DAY without even asking! And guess what? Our host lineup, content, and news department are stronger and more organized than ever.

When we brought you the full days coverage of the Revolution March, we raised $2500 in a single day. When we brought you the chuck-a-thon for Chuck Baldwin, we raised $600. When we brought you the Ron Paul press conference live from the National Press Club, we raised $500. You supported us as well when we brought you 3 presidential debates and a vice-presidential debate. One of the presidential debates could not be heard anywhere else!

Will you help us stay alive? Here's how you can help:

1) Donate: We only need to raise less than $1000 to get through this pinch. Even $5 helps! Please don't hesitate because you don't think you can make a difference.
2) Listen and Participate! Join us in our "Live Chat", and call in to many shows with our guest call-in line at 505-715-6522 . When you listen and participate, advertisers can see that we are having an effect, and they are more likely to decide to use us as a medium to sell their product or service!
3) Get Involved! Remember, we are radio BY THE REVOLUTION, FOR THE REVOLUTION! That means we are you- and you are us! Our weekend schedule has a few more openings for hosts! Our news dept needs writers, reporters, researchers, and audio technicians. If you are interesting in getting involved with us, contact Ray Powell via skype instant messaging at "rayzer42" or email
4) Support our advertisers! Take their messages seriously and let them know where you heard their ad!

Maybe, with your help, RTR Radio can get through this last crunch and finally become self-sufficient...