Monday, June 23, 2008

Most Affordable Ronvoy rates yet!

Great news! The Ronvoy just became even MORE affordable! Are you looking for a way to get to the march in DC? Here is your opportunity! Please see the message below from Susan:

NOTE: If you have already purchased your Ronvoy ticket - you will receive a refund of the difference from what you paid to the current ticket price.

Revolution March 2008 Ronvoy to DC
Saturday, July 12, 2008 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 05:00 PM (CT)

Washington, DC

Not going to DC, but want to help others get there? Please feel free to donate to the Ronvoy to DC right here! Donating to the Ronvoy will ensure that those who ARE able to go, but just can't afford it, can get there! We thank you for any amount you can spare! These donations are being used to pay the deposit for those who volunteer to drive the Ronvoy vans, so if you are qualified to be a driver, this is an easy way to get your ticket confirmed! NOTE: Routes that currently have passengers, but no confirmed driver will be top priority.

$50 Ronvoy to DC Deposit
Want to take the Ronvoy, but can't afford to pay in full yet? Just pay $50 to hold your seat on the history-making Ronvoy to DC. NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable, but they can be gifted or transferred or sold.

The following per person rates are confirmed and include transportation plus fuel to DC and back to the home city.

Ronvoy to DC - Seattle: $290
Ronvoy to DC - Portland: $325
Ronvoy to DC - Grand Rapids: $100
Ronvoy to DC - Chicago: $90
Ronvoy to DC - Los Angeles: $205
Ronvoy to DC - San Diego: $190
Ronvoy to DC - Las Vegas: $190
Ronvoy to DC - Phoenix: $195
Ronvoy to DC - Austin: $195
Ronvoy to DC - New Orleans: $100.00
Ronvoy to DC - Mobile: $140.00
Ronvoy to DC - Miami: $155
Ronvoy to DC - Manchester: $110
Ronvoy to DC - Greensboro: $90
Ronvoy to DC - Providence: $85
Ronvoy to DC - Orlando: $145

Pay Your Final Payment by June 30, 2008

Event Details
It appears that there is some confusion regarding the Ronvoy ticketing process. The cities listed are the MAIN departure cities for the Ronvoy routes. You ONLY have to purchase ONE ticket, for the MAIN departure city for your route. For instance, if you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and you are catching the Seattle Ronvoy - you ONLY purchase ONE ticket for the Seattle Ronvoy. It is NOT necessary to pay $286 for EACH city on a route.
Ronvoy Route. :)

Per Person Pricing Includes: Round-trip transportation w/ unlimited mileage unless otherwise specified. Fuel at $4.00 per gallon has been included in all rates. Pricing is based on one driver per van. Additional drivers are extra.

Multiple vans have been reserved in all departure cities. Every van requires that one person be qualified to drive: 25 year or older, with valid driver license and major credit card in driver’s name. If you will volunteer to drive for the Ronvoy route, please mail your contact information to Driver's first $50 deposit has been sponsored for some routes at this time - see below for more information.

Pay your $50 deposit now, to hold your place on the Ronvoy route. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be gifted, transferred or sold. The final deadline for payment is June 30th.

Ronvoy Seattle - Volunteer to drive the Seattle Ronvoy route - We will pay your $50 deposit!
8-Passenger Vans
$290.00 in full
$240 w/ paid $50 deposit

Ronvoy Portland
12-Passenger Vans
$325.00/Limited Mileage
$275 w/ paid $50 deposit

Grand Rapids
7-Passenger Vans
$50 w/ paid $50 deposit

San Francisco
12-Passenger Vans
$290 w/ paid $50 deposit

Los Angeles
12-Passenger Vans
$155 w/ paid $50 deposit

San Diego
12-Passenger Vans
$140 w/ paid $50 deposit

Las Vegas
12-Passenger Vans
$140 w/ paid $50 deposit

12-Passenger Vans
$145 w/ paid $50 deposit

This route follows the same route as the Los Angeles route once it leaves Phoenix.

12-Passenger Vans
$145 w/ paid $50 deposit

NOTE: New Orleans Ronvoy currently has three Marshal for Revolution March. They need a driver. The per person cost for the Marshal vehicle is $160 per person, due to early arrival in DC on July 9th. We will pay the first $60 of someone's rate, plus provide complimentary campground lodging at the Revolution campground for the first person to volunteer to drive this route.

New Orleans
12-Passenger Vans
$50 w/ paid $50 deposit

7-Passenger Vans
$125 w/ paid $50 deposit

7-Passenger Vans
$90 w/ paid $50 deposit

8-Passenger SUVs
$85 w/ paid deposit

12-Passenger Vans
$40 w/ paid $50 deposit
This route will follow the same route as the Seattle Ronvoy after it departs Chicago.

New Haven
7-Passenger Vans
$50 w/ paid deposit

7-Passenger Vans
$35 w/ paid $50 deposit

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your Ronvoy route.

Vive la r3VOLution!

Revolution March

Revolution March 2008 Travel & Lodging

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