Thursday, June 19, 2008

Speakers and Performers

The Revolution March is excited to announce our great lineup of speakers and performers!!! Individuals from all sides of the political spectrum are joining forces in the name of liberty and freedom. We may not all agree on the issues being discussed, but on one thing we do agree: adherence to our beloved Constitution. It is the subversion of it that brings us all together on July 12th. Our musical guests will include: Marc Scibilia, Jordon Page, and Pokerface. Below you will find a list of our confirmed speakers.

Masters of Ceremony:

Gary Franchi – Successor to Aaron Russo and Founder of Restore the Republic
Ernest Hancock - Creator of the R3VOLution and publisher of


Tom Mullen - Private citizen, patriotic American, and our grassroots representative, with an important message for our servant government.

G. Edward Griffin – founder of Freedom Force International and author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, shares his in depth research and analysis concerning the Federal Reserve System and the forces behind its inception.

Charles Goyette – syndicated talk radio host based in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss a return to the country’s constitutional traditions of sound money and limited government, the foundation upon which a viable economy can be rebuilt.

Marcy Brooks – Juror in the tax trial of Whitey Harell v. State of Illinois (featured in Aaron Russo’s America: From Freedom to Fascism will talk about the responsibility of being a juror in tax evasion cases.

Thomas E Woods Jr - author of "Who Killed the Constitution?: The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush" to discuss how the federal government has circumvented the Constitution and is systematically dismantling the rights and freedoms that are the foundation of a Constitutional Republic.

Naomi Wolf – advocate of progressive politics and author of "The End of America: A letter of warning to a young patriot". Ms. Wolfe will take a historical look at the rise of fascism, outlining the 10 steps necessary for a state to take control of individuals' lives.

Jack McLamb – Military Veteran, retired police officer, and radio talk show host to discuss the potential for martial law to come to America.

Howard Phillips - Chairman of The Conservative Caucus since 1974, will discuss the multifaceted plan to turn the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American version of the European Union.

Terri Hall – Founder and Director of to discuss among other things, the ranches that are being unconstitutionally confiscated to build the Trans-Texas Corridor (NAFTA Superhighway).

Congressman Jim Guest - MO representative to discuss the potential loss of U.S. Sovereignty; U.S. jobs that will permanently be lost; and environmental issues among other things, with the Kansas City Smart Port.

Jeff Lewis - co-founder of Fire Coalition to discuss the economic impact illegal immigration has had on the country as well as the tie between the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and the NAU, as well as discussing why we are fighting a war on terrorism when our borders are still not secured.

Michael Scheuer – 22 year veteran of the CIA and bestselling author of ‘Imperial Hubris’ to discuss American foreign policy and its implications on terrorism, security, and Iraq

Chuck Baldwin – Constitution Party Presidential Candidate, Pastor, and radio talk show host to speak about hope for America and a new breed of politician.

Ron Paul - to speak about the future of the Revolution.

*Additional speakers are pending.

In order to bring you this fabulous list of entertainers and speakers we still need your financial help: to donate. If you are looking for transportation and lodging options, please visit our travel page.

We are excited to see you at the march! Please begin assembling at 9:30am on the Northeast lawn of the Washington Monument. The time is now!


Me said...

I highly recommend downloading and listening to Thomas woods' Politicaly incorrect guide to American history. I'm particularly interested in the chapter on the principles of 98. You can download this, I believe, from the mises institute website.

Kelly said...

It would really be great if you could get Alex Jones to speak and perhaps the Flobots to perform. They would draw in a lot of people.

Anonymous said...

yes kelly i agree, invite alex jones!!!