Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Revolution March is only 16 days away! Polls are telling us that it will be a huge success, but there can never be too many voices raised for freedom in our nation’s capitol! We need one more push by every supporter of the freedom movement to ensure that Washington cannot avoid hearing our call for liberty. You will be amazed at the publicity and attention you can generate with a little faxing, e-mailing, phone calling, and sign hanging. Stay tuned for a press release you can send to your local news outlets!

Here are a few ways you can help us promote the march:

1. Print and post fliers: You can put these up all over your town! Supermarkets, coffee shops, telephone poles, campus bulletin boards, workplace bulletin boards, any other heavy traffic areas. Download and print from here:

2. Display graphic banners: Promote the march on your myspace, facebook or website! Electronic banners can be copied here:

3. Leverage your contact lists: Send emails to your friends, family, meetup groups, or other mailing lists. Don't forget about chat rooms!

4. T-shirts – If you can’t buy one from our store, make one! Dorky sells!

5. Facebook: Confirm as a guest on our facebook event page – be sure to invite your friends!

6. Myspace: Become our friend on myspace! We’d love a spot on your top friends between now and July 12!!!!! Don’t forget to post bulletins to let your friends know.

7. YouTube: Add Dr. Paul's message about the march to your favorites on YouTube! Add this video to your myspace, facebook, or emails!

Let’s do everything we can to make this march the biggest that Washington D.C. has ever seen. This is our chance to show our government, our country, and the rest of the world how many of us there are that want to be free. You’ve already done so much that it is hard to ask anymore of you, but we will never have a chance like this again.

We are excited to see you at the march! Please begin assembling at 9:30am on the Northeast lawn of the Washington Monument.

Ron Paul announces the march on YouTube!

Can you feel the momentum building? Dr. Ron Paul has made a YouTube video about the march and posted it to his Campaign for Liberty Blog. Please favorite the video on YouTube and check out his blog.

We are just under budget for the march, please donate at:

Thanks for all of your support, we are excited to see you on July 12! Please begin assembling at 9:30am on the Northeast lawn of the Washington Monument.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Freedom Tour with Marc Scibilia

The Freedom Tour musicians are now playing to crowds of freedom lovers all over the nation. Currently on their way to Salt Lake City, the guys are excited to be reinvigorating meetups and drawing fresh faces into the cause of freedom and liberty. They are about half way through their tour. There are many dates left to go, Salt Lake City, UT, Boulder, CO, And a dozen more as they push back toward the East Coast. The Freedom Tour band featuring Marc Scibilia is also performing at the July 12 Revolution March in Washington DC.

Award winning Nashville film-maker and fellow liberty lover was honored to be asked to follow the tour and document it. An exciting way you can stay up to do date with what the Freedom Tour is doing is through their very own reality TV show which they put up daily on their website, http://FreedomTour.TV

Israel Anderson, Director of the tour organized a $15,000 loan from Larry Lepard, the same patriot that purchased the full-page ad for Ron Paul in USA Today. That ad alone cost $80,000 btw. But the loan the tour got which was for the RV and for gas is fast depleting. Not only is it not going to be enough to get them all the way through their tour and back home again, but they also have a loan they need to pay back at the end. Let's help them with this!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Most Affordable Ronvoy rates yet!

Great news! The Ronvoy just became even MORE affordable! Are you looking for a way to get to the march in DC? Here is your opportunity! Please see the message below from Susan:

NOTE: If you have already purchased your Ronvoy ticket - you will receive a refund of the difference from what you paid to the current ticket price.

Revolution March 2008 Ronvoy to DC
Saturday, July 12, 2008 at 10:00 AM - Sunday, July 13, 2008 at 05:00 PM (CT)

Washington, DC

Not going to DC, but want to help others get there? Please feel free to donate to the Ronvoy to DC right here! Donating to the Ronvoy will ensure that those who ARE able to go, but just can't afford it, can get there! We thank you for any amount you can spare! These donations are being used to pay the deposit for those who volunteer to drive the Ronvoy vans, so if you are qualified to be a driver, this is an easy way to get your ticket confirmed! NOTE: Routes that currently have passengers, but no confirmed driver will be top priority.

$50 Ronvoy to DC Deposit
Want to take the Ronvoy, but can't afford to pay in full yet? Just pay $50 to hold your seat on the history-making Ronvoy to DC. NOTE: Deposits are non-refundable, but they can be gifted or transferred or sold.

The following per person rates are confirmed and include transportation plus fuel to DC and back to the home city.

Ronvoy to DC - Seattle: $290
Ronvoy to DC - Portland: $325
Ronvoy to DC - Grand Rapids: $100
Ronvoy to DC - Chicago: $90
Ronvoy to DC - Los Angeles: $205
Ronvoy to DC - San Diego: $190
Ronvoy to DC - Las Vegas: $190
Ronvoy to DC - Phoenix: $195
Ronvoy to DC - Austin: $195
Ronvoy to DC - New Orleans: $100.00
Ronvoy to DC - Mobile: $140.00
Ronvoy to DC - Miami: $155
Ronvoy to DC - Manchester: $110
Ronvoy to DC - Greensboro: $90
Ronvoy to DC - Providence: $85
Ronvoy to DC - Orlando: $145

Pay Your Final Payment by June 30, 2008

Event Details
It appears that there is some confusion regarding the Ronvoy ticketing process. The cities listed are the MAIN departure cities for the Ronvoy routes. You ONLY have to purchase ONE ticket, for the MAIN departure city for your route. For instance, if you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and you are catching the Seattle Ronvoy - you ONLY purchase ONE ticket for the Seattle Ronvoy. It is NOT necessary to pay $286 for EACH city on a route.
Ronvoy Route. :)

Per Person Pricing Includes: Round-trip transportation w/ unlimited mileage unless otherwise specified. Fuel at $4.00 per gallon has been included in all rates. Pricing is based on one driver per van. Additional drivers are extra.

Multiple vans have been reserved in all departure cities. Every van requires that one person be qualified to drive: 25 year or older, with valid driver license and major credit card in driver’s name. If you will volunteer to drive for the Ronvoy route, please mail your contact information to Driver's first $50 deposit has been sponsored for some routes at this time - see below for more information.

Pay your $50 deposit now, to hold your place on the Ronvoy route. Deposits are non-refundable, but may be gifted, transferred or sold. The final deadline for payment is June 30th.

Ronvoy Seattle - Volunteer to drive the Seattle Ronvoy route - We will pay your $50 deposit!
8-Passenger Vans
$290.00 in full
$240 w/ paid $50 deposit

Ronvoy Portland
12-Passenger Vans
$325.00/Limited Mileage
$275 w/ paid $50 deposit

Grand Rapids
7-Passenger Vans
$50 w/ paid $50 deposit

San Francisco
12-Passenger Vans
$290 w/ paid $50 deposit

Los Angeles
12-Passenger Vans
$155 w/ paid $50 deposit

San Diego
12-Passenger Vans
$140 w/ paid $50 deposit

Las Vegas
12-Passenger Vans
$140 w/ paid $50 deposit

12-Passenger Vans
$145 w/ paid $50 deposit

This route follows the same route as the Los Angeles route once it leaves Phoenix.

12-Passenger Vans
$145 w/ paid $50 deposit

NOTE: New Orleans Ronvoy currently has three Marshal for Revolution March. They need a driver. The per person cost for the Marshal vehicle is $160 per person, due to early arrival in DC on July 9th. We will pay the first $60 of someone's rate, plus provide complimentary campground lodging at the Revolution campground for the first person to volunteer to drive this route.

New Orleans
12-Passenger Vans
$50 w/ paid $50 deposit

7-Passenger Vans
$125 w/ paid $50 deposit

7-Passenger Vans
$90 w/ paid $50 deposit

8-Passenger SUVs
$85 w/ paid deposit

12-Passenger Vans
$40 w/ paid $50 deposit
This route will follow the same route as the Seattle Ronvoy after it departs Chicago.

New Haven
7-Passenger Vans
$50 w/ paid deposit

7-Passenger Vans
$35 w/ paid $50 deposit

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your Ronvoy route.

Vive la r3VOLution!

Revolution March

Revolution March 2008 Travel & Lodging

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Speakers and Performers

The Revolution March is excited to announce our great lineup of speakers and performers!!! Individuals from all sides of the political spectrum are joining forces in the name of liberty and freedom. We may not all agree on the issues being discussed, but on one thing we do agree: adherence to our beloved Constitution. It is the subversion of it that brings us all together on July 12th. Our musical guests will include: Marc Scibilia, Jordon Page, and Pokerface. Below you will find a list of our confirmed speakers.

Masters of Ceremony:

Gary Franchi – Successor to Aaron Russo and Founder of Restore the Republic
Ernest Hancock - Creator of the R3VOLution and publisher of


Tom Mullen - Private citizen, patriotic American, and our grassroots representative, with an important message for our servant government.

G. Edward Griffin – founder of Freedom Force International and author of The Creature from Jekyll Island, shares his in depth research and analysis concerning the Federal Reserve System and the forces behind its inception.

Charles Goyette – syndicated talk radio host based in Phoenix, Arizona to discuss a return to the country’s constitutional traditions of sound money and limited government, the foundation upon which a viable economy can be rebuilt.

Marcy Brooks – Juror in the tax trial of Whitey Harell v. State of Illinois (featured in Aaron Russo’s America: From Freedom to Fascism will talk about the responsibility of being a juror in tax evasion cases.

Thomas E Woods Jr - author of "Who Killed the Constitution?: The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush" to discuss how the federal government has circumvented the Constitution and is systematically dismantling the rights and freedoms that are the foundation of a Constitutional Republic.

Naomi Wolf – advocate of progressive politics and author of "The End of America: A letter of warning to a young patriot". Ms. Wolfe will take a historical look at the rise of fascism, outlining the 10 steps necessary for a state to take control of individuals' lives.

Jack McLamb – Military Veteran, retired police officer, and radio talk show host to discuss the potential for martial law to come to America.

Howard Phillips - Chairman of The Conservative Caucus since 1974, will discuss the multifaceted plan to turn the U.S., Canada and Mexico into a North American version of the European Union.

Terri Hall – Founder and Director of to discuss among other things, the ranches that are being unconstitutionally confiscated to build the Trans-Texas Corridor (NAFTA Superhighway).

Congressman Jim Guest - MO representative to discuss the potential loss of U.S. Sovereignty; U.S. jobs that will permanently be lost; and environmental issues among other things, with the Kansas City Smart Port.

Jeff Lewis - co-founder of Fire Coalition to discuss the economic impact illegal immigration has had on the country as well as the tie between the lack of enforcement of our immigration laws and the NAU, as well as discussing why we are fighting a war on terrorism when our borders are still not secured.

Michael Scheuer – 22 year veteran of the CIA and bestselling author of ‘Imperial Hubris’ to discuss American foreign policy and its implications on terrorism, security, and Iraq

Chuck Baldwin – Constitution Party Presidential Candidate, Pastor, and radio talk show host to speak about hope for America and a new breed of politician.

Ron Paul - to speak about the future of the Revolution.

*Additional speakers are pending.

In order to bring you this fabulous list of entertainers and speakers we still need your financial help: to donate. If you are looking for transportation and lodging options, please visit our travel page.

We are excited to see you at the march! Please begin assembling at 9:30am on the Northeast lawn of the Washington Monument. The time is now!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tune in for Scheuer!

Michael Scheuer will be on the Revolution March Radio Show Tuesday, June 18th at 9pm eastern! Scheuer, a former CIA employee, author, professor, and news analyst will be a speaker at the rally in DC on July 12th. Please tune in to to hear this very exciting show!

The Revolution Continues

Ron Paul has come to mean so much to the Revolution that he inspired, that it is understandable that his followers might be discouraged that he ended his presidential campaign. However, it is truly a mistake to see this as the end of the Revolution. Nothing could be further from the truth. With the primaries over, there is nothing more to do with the presidential campaign, but there is plenty more to do with this Revolution. Ron Paul suspended on campaign so he could pursue another - the Campaign for Liberty. He said in an interview on Friday that his status as a presidential candidate was limiting the scope of activity he could be involved in to further the cause of freedom. We have confirmation from Dr. Paul’s campaign staff that FEC regulations prohibited him from promoting the D.C. March because he was a presidential candidate. But make no mistake, he will be there as the keynote speaker and guest of honor! Check out the CFL blog about the march:

Ron Paul has said many times that the Revolution is “about the message, not the man.” He has been fighting this fight as a United States Congressman for over 30 years, and has no intention of stopping now. However, we certainly don’t intend to limit the fight for freedom to Ron Paul’s political career. We have started something that will continue with our children and our grandchildren. We have reawakened the spirit of liberty that George Washington told us, “is a plant of rapid growth.” Ron Paul ceased his quest to lead a corrupt government to allow him to lead a generation that will settle for nothing less than liberty in our time. Let us not abandon him now. He will be continuing his Revolution in Washington, D.C. on July 12th. Let us be at his side.

Friday, June 13, 2008

March Bomb Tomorrow!

Don't forget to donate tomorrow to our Flag Day money bomb!

We need YOU to make this march a success!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

A New Beginning

Ron Paul announced yesterday that he is ending his campaign for the Republican nomination for President. However, as any Ron Paul supporter can tell you, the presidential campaign was only a prologue for the Revolution it has spawned. All over the country, people who have never been involved in politics before have become political activists for the freedom movement. State Republican conventions have elected Ron Paul supporters as delegates. New candidates for federal, state, and local government posts are running as Ron Paul Republicans. Ron Paul’s new book, The Revolution: A Manifesto, sits atop the NY Times Bestseller List. Tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of people will descend on Washington, D.C. for a peaceful march and rally in support of The Revolution’s principles.

Ron Paul ended his speech yesterday on an inspirational note, "You know, it has been said that armies cannot stop an idea whose time has come. I believe our time has come and to paraphrase that I think we can say that a failing status quo cannot stop a revolution whose time has come!"

In Ron Paul’s own words, the Revolution is about the message, not the man. However, Ron Paul is still very much involved in delivering that message. In addition to retaining his seat in the House of Representatives, he will be the keynote speaker at the Revolution March on July 12th in Washington. He has also switched gears to work on his Campaign for Liberty ( The rest is up to us. As much as he has accomplished, he is only one voice in a vast country. Liberty will only be achieved when every voice that longs for it is raised. We have an opportunity to raise them together on July 12th in Washington D.C. As Ron Paul wrote in The Revolution, “if freedom is what we want, it is ours for the taking. Let the Revolution begin.” The time has come to decide - has Dr. Ron Paul cured your apathy? March with us on July 12th in Washington, D.C.

1,000 Friends on MySpace

Revolution March now has over 1,000 friends on!

If you'd like to be our MySpace friend, please add us at:

Have you pledged to the Flag Day Moneybomb? Only one day left!

In case you missed it....

Revolution March Radio aired its 7th episode last night at The featured guest was Marcy Brooks, forewoman of the jury in Whitey Harrell vs. State of Illinois and featured in Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism. Harrell was acquitted of four counts of willful failure to file income taxes when the jury decided that the prosecution could not prove that Harrell was liable to pay income taxes. Ms. Brooks talked about the trial and her experience with Aaron Russo, and lamented the widespread apathy that has led some to call her “the thinking juror.” Ms. Brooks also shared that, since the Harrell case, judges have been instructing juries not to consider the law in making their decision. She encouraged jurors instructed in this manner to “go through the process and let him go,” meaning to acquit in any case where they are not allowed to consider the law.

Deborah Robinet, RMF Treasurer, gave an update on the speaker list, most of which is confirmed. She is still working on a few speakers, but has confirmed Ron Paul as the keynote speaker, Naomi Wolfe, Congressman Jim Guest, Michael Scheuer, and many more. She is actively seeking more freedom-oriented candidates running for office this year.

Ray Powell, RMF IT Director and cofounder gave updates on the revamped website, with a special thanks to Tom Porter, who contributed the slick graphics from Germany. Susan Wolfe, Travel and Lodging Committee Chairman, gave updates about Ron Voy, while Trevor Oyate, March Logistics Officer, thanked the volunteers and is still accepting more.

Bryan Seimon, RMF Chairman and cofounder, also reminded everyone that or are up and running to accept donations to complete the funding needed for the event. This Saturday June 14 is the Flag Day money bomb that we hope puts us over the top!

The show ended with the song “Control” by Revolution March confirmed performer, Pokerface.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Revolution March is On and the Website is UP!

It seems like we’ve marched a long way already, but the best is yet to come. With sites to pick out, permits to acquire, speakers to recruit, equipment to lease, and a thousand other details to worry about, we haven’t had time to worry too much about the website beyond getting something up there that worked.

Now that the majority of the preparations have been made, we’ve been able to free up Ray Powell to work his website wizardry. In addition to a sleek new look, the site now features an easy-to-use left side menu to get march details, Ron Voy information, the event schedule, and much more!

Scroll down a bit and you can see where we are on fund raising – don’t forget the Flag Day money bomb this Saturday June 14 (! There are also links to Revolution Broadcasting and Revolution Chat.

Visit us today at

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Exciting News!

Don't miss the Revolution March radio show today at 9pm eastern on! Marcy Brooks, the America: Freedom to Fascism juror, will be our special guest. Tune in to hear her discuss the march and the responsibilities of a juror in a tax case.

Susan, the Revolution March travel coordinator, will be on to discuss hotel rooms, camp grounds, and RonVoy. The Board of Directors will have some very exciting news to announce, so please listen in!

Did you miss the previous show? Download it here!

Don't forget about our Flag Day Money Bomb - - set to explode June 14th! Will you be a part of it?

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why are we in this movement?

The energy surrounding the freedom movement is growing. The message of smaller government and personal liberty is rapidly spreading. This message is bigger than presidential politics, it is wider than party lines, and most importantly, it is a message that comes from YOU. While inspired by the Presidential Campaign of Republican candidate Ron Paul, The Revolution has grown into something beyond what he or any other freedom-loving individual would have dreamed. Remember, this movement is about the message, not the man! This march will represent the momentum of the grass roots, it will represent our strength, our passion, and show our elected officials that we are unified, paying attention, and that we will not go away.

To reiterate how large this movement has become, here is a list of events you might be interested in:
Revolution March on July 12
Freedom Tour 2008 with Mark Scibilia
Great American Walk for Freedom, organized by Steve Vincent
Republican National Convention

Over 50% of our online pollers estimate 100 thousand people to be at the March on July 12!

Have you made your travel plans yet (

Please don't forget to pledge to our Flag Day money bomb ( so we can make this event a success!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bomb set to detonate the 14th of June

A money bomb that is!

The Revolution March needs 1000 people to donate fifty bucks.

If there was ever something needing to be funded - this one is it!!!


The goal is to raise $50,000 on Flag Day June 14th. Donations go to
fund the Revolution March on July, 12th in Washington D.C.

We only need 1000 people to donate $50.00 each and we will succeed!

Let's make The Revolution March the biggest event yet to happen in
The R3VO1UTION . You can be an early part of that success by being
part of this fun and inspirational event. Pledge today!

The goal of The Revolution March is to organize a peaceful,
non-violent march on the streets of Washington DC followed by a
rally in support of the R3VO1UTION that is happening in America. By
involving as many volunteers and participants as we can, we intend
to spread the know-how of mass mobilization and direct-action to
the movement.

As a law-abiding movement, it's our responsibility to use these
Constitutional tools wisely and effectively.

By inviting people outside the conservative or republican camps, we
hope to extend the R3VO1UTION to all people of all backgrounds.

If you haven't pledged yet, you can go to and read all about it.

Need a ride to D.C? Visit the Ron Paul Convoy at
and let em know.

Congressman Ron Paul is the confirmed keynote speaker. MC's include
Gary Franchi and Ernest Hancock. Speakers expected include G. Edward
Griffin, Noami Wolf, and many many more. Performances by Pokerface, Marc Scibilia and more.

Dr. Paul gave us our Marching Orders! -
please help fund it.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Revolution March on Facebook

You can join the Revolution March Facebook group here: Facebook Group

You can also send your friends a facebook invite to the Revolution March on July 12: Event Invite

Ron Voy update!

Every Ron Paul supporter already knows that The Revolution is going to Washington D.C. on July 12th for a peaceful march to the Capitol Building and a Revolutionary Rally, with Congressman Paul as the keynote speaker. Like the money bombs and meet-up groups, the Revolution March is being organized and funded by an independent group of Ron Paul supporters, with no connection to the official Ron Paul presidential campaign except for their shared support of its principles. To date, the Revolution March has already obtained over 14,000 commitments to attend from supporters.

Dying to go but not sure how to get there? Not to worry, the Revolution March Committee has it covered. To ensure that supporters can attend no matter what their travel budget may be, the committee has organized the Ron Voy, a well-organized transportation and lodging plan to get supporters from as far away as the west coast to Washington D.C. in time for the event.

Beginning July 7 on the west coast and continuing throughout the week, a reserved fleet of vans will leave from 14 different cities and stop at or near almost 100 before reaching Washington, D.C. Van reservations can be made with a $50 deposit at Wherever you are in the U.S.A., you can be sure that the Ron Voy will stop close by enough for you to climb aboard. Along the way, the committee has negotiated special rates with KOA campgrounds, and has also negotiated rates for lodging in Washington. After the rally, the Ron Voy will follow each of its 14 routes in reverse back to its starting point, with the last stops on the west coast on July 17.

For the most up-to-date information, visit the Revolution March 2008 Official Travel & Lodging Meetup. Don’t let the Ron Voy pass you by!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Money Bomb- for July 12 march and rally in D.C.

This Flag Day is expected to be the largest funding drive for the July 12th Revolution March and Rally in Washington DC. Revolution Management Foundation, the organizers of the march and rally, have planned a "Money Bomb" to help reach their fund raising goal of over $50,000. Pledges to donate can be made at This family-friendly event is being organized and implemented by volunteers - money raised will be allocated according to the line item budget found on the moneybomb website.

A "Money Bomb" is a one-day, internet-driven, fundraising technique which has been used with great success by the grassroots movement supporting Dr. Ron Paul's Presidential campaign. The "Money Bomb" fundraising method has allowed the campaign to set single day fund-raising records on November 5th, 2007, when it raise over $4.3M, and then again on December 16th, 2007, when it raised over $6M. The technique has also been used to fund Ron Paul's Congressional campaign as well as various other spontaneous grassroots efforts realted to his message of smaller government and constitutional principals.

Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul is confirmed as the keynote speaker and will be speaking about the future of the grassroots movement which has rallied behind his message of freedom and liberty. He will also be speaking about his recent best-selling book, "The Revolution: A Manifesto". In addition to Dr. Paul, other best-selling authors and well-known intellects will speak. The theme for the series of speakers will be, "To restore the Constitution for Freedom, Peace and Prosperity". Besides the great line-up of speakers, well-known liberty-minded musicians will perform. The rally will take place immediately after the march. This family friendly-event featuring Ron Paul as the keynote speaker is free. See for further details and updates on this series of events. Please take the time and pass the word around to everyone you know.

Revolution March Team