Monday, February 25, 2008

Will it work?

A peaceful march on Washington, D.C. is hardly a new idea. There have been a number of successful marches, going back many years, many of which are still remembered today:

* In 1913, the “Women’s Suffrage March” brought 5,000 women to the nation’s capital (quite a feat for that era). The attention the march received was only the beginning of a movement that culminated in women gaining the right to vote.

* In 1979, one of the most interesting marches, “Tractorcade,” saw 6,000 American farmers actually drive their tractors to Washington to protest the government’s farm policies.

* In 1995, the “Million Man March” focused attention on the fact that blacks, especially males, were ignoring their opportunity to make a difference by failing to vote. Although it had some controversial participants such as Louis Farrakhan, this march resulted in the voter registration of 1.5 million black men in the months to follow.

* On Mother’s Day in 2000, the “Million Mom March,” a protest seeking “sensible gun laws” filled the National Mall with a sea of humanity. This march was undoubtedly named based upon the success (and name recognition) of the “Million Man March.” Those who didn’t go to Washington held “sympathy marches” in support of the cause around the country. Supporters of the “Million Mom March” have remained active, and continue to make a difference in legislation through their various state chapters.

* Of course, the most famous march of all was the 1963 “March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.” Though few remember its actual name, the whole world remembers its result: Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech. Despite predictions of violence, and some harassment of participants along the way, the considerable police presence wasn’t necessary, because the march was completely peaceful. In fact, some have called it one of the seminal events of the 20th Century.

The point here is that these marches were extensively covered by the mainstream media and, even though that very media has done its best to ignore Dr. Paul and dismiss his massive outpouring of grassroots support, it could hardly ignore a National Mall literally carpeted with Paul supporters. So those who say a “Revolution March” on Washington is a bad idea would seem to be ignoring history.

Of course, there would need to be superb organization, publicity and -- most important of all -- participation. It’s true that not everyone can “drop everything and go to Washington,” which some have put forth as a reason not to have a rally at all. True, a poor turnout could spell disaster, but, considering the dedication of Paul followers, that seems unlikely, especially if those unable to go to Washington hold simultaneous state-wide rallies in support of the march.

Additionally, if the “Ron Paul Revolution” were to effectively organize and promote a “grand rally,” Dr. Paul would be free to give the attention necessary to retaining his seat in Congress, which is paramount. In fact, an extraordinary rally, minus Dr. Paul’s personal presence, would send a strong message as to the extent of his support.

As concerns the notion that the solution is a Third Party run, one need only look again to history. There have been numerous tries at establishing a viable Third Party, none of which have been successful. Even the Libertarian Party, with which Dr. Paul was affiliated, was unable to make a difference in American politics.

Frankly, such attempts have almost always been relegated to the “nut fringe” by mainstream Americans. Consequently, that would seem a poor way to attempt to forward a cause that can save America and implement a return to the Constitution of the United States -- one of the most brilliantly crafted documents in human history.

The last time viable change was achieved from “outside” was when the Pilgrims set sail and founded what was to become The United States of America. The most notable failure of change attempted from outside was, of course, the Civil War. Change must come from within. Those who throw up their hands and declare the Republican Party dead and buried are simply giving up. “Because it’s too hard…” is not a viable reason to abandon a noble pursuit.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I am waiting for the date to make my reservations and schedule vacation time off from work. Can't wait!

Dee said...

I wouldn't miss this.
If I have to hitch hike all the way from Texas to D.C., that's what I am going to do.
Watch out for me...I'll be the one with the "R3VOLution March, D.C. or Bust" sign.

Dan said...

June 8th has been declared
"USS Liberty Remembrance Day" by the crew who were silenced from telling the truth about it being attacked on June 8, 1967. Sen. McCain's Dad, Admiral McCain was Commander in Chief of U.S. Naval Forces in Europe at the time, and was instrumental in keeping the truth from getting out. June 8, 2008 is a Sunday. Wouldn't this make a great Day for a Freedom March on Washington?
Google the USS Liberty and find out what happened to these honorable men that served on that U.S. Navy Ship.
Alex Jones ( may be right about this one. He says that the Israeli aircraft that attacked the USS Liberty were unmarked as part of a False Flag operation. If the ship had gone down as planned, the aircraft carriers in the area were all set up to bomb Syria and take over the Oil. It sounds so much like the invasion of Iraq that I have to believe that it is true.
Anyway, June 8, 2008 is an excellent Day for a March on Washington D.C. and to be political, it puts McCain in his place, a place where the Republican Party will be looking for a Savior like Ron Paul.

Fipher said...

re dan:

I really don't think that's a goog idea at all. This march is not about getting Dr. Paul elected. We all know that isn't really very possible now. To make the focus of it on a particular event and a particular candidate like that would take away from the real power of it.

For this to be a really powerful march, we have to attract people to the general idea of a return to strict constitutionalism. Dr. paul himself has said all along that while he is running for president, we also need to focus on the big picture, wich is making the Republican party and the whole country more liberty-centered.For instance: with our beautiful balance of powers, even if Dr. Paul made it to the White House, he wouldn't be able to make the biggest changes we want without congressional support.

We have to spread liberty not just to the white house, but everywhere, right down to the city hall, if we are going to substantially change this country.