Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Daily Update 2/13

We have some exciting new announcements coming in the next couple of days. To give you a hint it involves dates for the Rally and March as well as location. Stayed tuned for that. As we talked about in our previous blog the website will be going through some changes. We know that it was not the best looking site, we put it up in less than and hour and six hours later the response was so overwhelming that we had to work to organize all the inquiries. Even Ron Paul supports the effort to March on Washington for Freedom! Please check our site regular for updates and changes and tell all your friends about our site and everyone in your meet up group (
This is a serious march and we have some real people with talent in this area working hard to put this together and make it happen.
Also Gina emailed me today expressing her support. If you don't know who Gina is, she is running for Miss Ron Paul and you can vote for her at
For all the latest on Ron Paul be sure to go to

Stay tuned for more announcements to come!



Josh said...
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Josh said...

something to keep in mind when selecting a date, the more people the better, I just stumbled upon this article, maybe both marches could be consolidated.

just a thought