Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daily Update 2/12

Hello everyone
I take it you have seen the new video released by Ron Paul, how exciting that we put up our site and he talks about a March in the video!
We have started the process to get the permit and finalize a date, I can't say exactly when we will have a date set in stone, please stay with us as we work that out. It is very important to know that if you do not do the permits and make all arrangements with D.C. that the Capitol Police are not going to be very welcoming. So we are making sure we do this right. Beware of other sites claiming to do this. We are serious about this, we have almost reached our goal of 100 promoters and we now have over 600 people subscribed to our feed.

Tomorrow look on our site for:
1. A sign up. This sign up will let you register and pledge to be part of our march.
2. A poll to help us get a better feel for what date is most popular
3. We will have a form with a list of jobs we need volunteers for.

Thanks for being part of this everyone.

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