Thursday, February 21, 2008

Revolution March- About Us!

Revolution March is the first web site to call into action a mass mobilization of support for Ron Paul and the freedom revolution. was organized February 8, 2008 to effectively coordinate non-violent political demonstrations for but not limited too: libertarians, true conservatives, and classic liberals. February 11th, Ron Paul suggested in his “Go The Distance” speech that a march would be something to consider. Several days after that Ron Paul campaign organized a “March Exploratory Committee”, showing their support for freedom loving citizens to organize and demonstrate. Our initial planning always included the hope that Dr. Paul would be the key speaker at the rally. We are joyful at his recently announced intention to rally. What we are hearing from our grass roots, however, is unmistakable. Such a mass mobilization is in-heredity grass-roots in nature, and the consensus we understand clearly is that the people want this action to be theirs.

The idea of mass mobilization has been discussed in the movement for some time. Following the primaries, these discussions became serious. One group has taken April 15th target, which was to soon to plan for mass mobilization. Another group simply suggested the idea of mobilization with no real activity. Our group got down to business.

We have simultaneously launched our promotions apparatus. The nucleus of this is our network of 100 promoters, nation wide who interface with their local meet up groups and other supporters. They will disseminate accurate, up-to-date information regarding the action as it approaches. Additionally, over 1900 persons are "pledged" to our direct news updates.

Other resources at our disposal are graphics production, programming & website technologies. We have an evolving PR team, a meet up group liaison program, and several other promotional partnerships underway. We currently enjoy support & involvement from Ron Paul Radio, The Free State Project, The Freedom Fellowship and Aaron Russo's Restore the Republic

The Revolution March Team

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