Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Daily Update! Exciting News

Hello Everyone,
It has been a week since I last wrote you so I wanted to give you an update on what we have been doing. While we haven't talked in a week we have been working hard to continue to organize the march for freedom on Washington D.C. We have put together an organization with many talented volunteers to help make this happen, and we want to thank all those who are working with us.

Permits and Dates!

Everyone is wondering when the date of this march and rally will be and we hope that very soon we can give you a date. Last week we mailed the application for the proper permits to march in D.C. and we know they received it Tuesday. When we put in the application we gave them several dates and several locations we would like to have our march and rally. Most of the dates we selected were in June, the 14th and 21st are two of the dates we selected as preferred dates. We did this at their recommendation due to the high volume of permit requests for the summer dates. We want everyone to know that the final date, as well as the location, will be selected by the National Parks Service. Once we have the date and location, we will let you know.

Website News!
The other exciting announcement we would like to make is about the website. If you have not seen it yet, the new design is up and we are now ready to take serious pledges. Please go to the website and pledge so you can see what we have done. Make sure you go through the site and send us any suggestions you might have on how to better promote the site.

When you pledge you will get your own unique site. What is wonderful about this is now you can use your site to gather pledges. This will go towards our total count and will allow us to track how many people each individual got to pledge. The point of each person getting their own unique site is to allow us to promote this in a social networking setup. This will allow people to volunteer to help in many ways and promote that on their site. You can make and add Revolution March Friends, specify your location, specify your travel plans, tell us how you can help us by volunteering for open positions.

Meet Up Group Liaison

At the top of the website you will see many links to other pages on the website. One of these links is "Meet-Up Liaison". We are seeking one person from every meet-up group to represent us in their meet-up group. This person will help spread our message and announcements to the rest of the group as well as help coordinate travel to the event. The meet-up group liaison is very important in spreading this event to the revolution, and in helping us recruit more liaisons.

Bryan Siemon

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Homeland Stupidity said...

The 14th is not going to work for those of us in New Hampshire and elsewhere who have other commitments that weekend. But the 21st should be just fine.