Monday, February 11, 2008

Daily Update 2/11

Hello all,
Today was a day to go over the application for permits and other red tape issues we need to do the March and Rally legally and right. We are working on getting a set day and time in Washington D.C. and will post that as soon as it is available. Everyday we get closer to the goal of 100 hardcore promoters, if you are interested in helping out got to for more details. We are also in the process of updating the website with new information and a place to take pledges. We are intially looking for 5000 people to pledge that they will be there on the day and time we can secure in D.C. After that the sky is the limit, let us all work to make this an historical event.
Please remember this is a positive family event, it is a non-violent march and rally. We are marching to let the voice of freedom be heard.

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Patriotess said...

I have something I respectfully ask for ya'll my fellow patriots to consider: A lot of events have happened and are happening on Saturday. I understand that I'm in the minority; but my family and church members that I have been working with keep the Sabbath which is Saturday. We keep it as specified in the Bible in Exodus 20: 8-10- so we do not do secular things on Saturday. I know that I could get a group of us up to Washington for the march, and I also know that there are many members from our church around the Country that are also Ron Paul supporters. We would love to participate, but would ask if possibly we could set a date that is not Saturday. This is just a hopeful request as we understand that it takes a lot to get something like this organized and all the permits etc. that are involved... Thank you for considering this in your decision-making!

Respectfully Yours,