Sunday, March 2, 2008

March Announcement!

We have now combined our pledges with those from and with a collective total we have over 10,000 pledges to march on Washington, D.C.! Spread the word and keep telling everyone to pledge today! Lets try to get to 20,000 pledges before March 15th, this will show everyone the revolution is alive and ready to march!

Volunteers Needed!

We need volunteers to help fill the many positions needed to make a successful rally and march. You can go to our website to see what positions we need filled and volunteer today. There is a lot that goes into a big march and rally, your help can make this a successful and peaceful event!

Website Update!
We now have a chat room and forums on the website so everyone can get together, communicate and pass ideas around. Since this is a grass-roots effort we want to make it easy for everyone to stay in touch and unified. Once you have signed up to the website you will be able to post to our forums and participate in the chat.

Date of March

Many people are still asking about a date and all we can tell you the application for permit is in and we should know soon! We know a lot of people are trying to make plans and we are calling the National Parks Services daily to push them to approve our application for permit.

1 comment:

Nathan Malone said...

I signed up for an account there with the username "Nathan Malone", but I believe that the username is giving me problems, both in the URL (of the personalized page that I was assigned) as well as it appears the chat.

Is it possible for someone to go into the database and change my username to "nathanmalone" (without a space)? I would appreciate it...

Thank you!

P.S. Another contact form on your website would be very nice, so I wouldn't have to post comments to contact you.