Sunday, May 11, 2008

Revolution March Radio Show

Tune in Wednesday to at 9 PM Eastern for Revolution March Radio. This is a one hour show dedicated to given you all the updated information about the march and rally in D.C.
This week we will have Marc Scibilia on our show to talk about his freedom tour and yes he will be performing at the march. Also on our show will be our board member Deborah Robinet. You may know her in the forums as DeborahK. This will be a really good show you don't want to miss it.

More about the Freedom Tour!

Time is running out to have your city included in the Freedom Tour. The Freedom Tour is musicians, including Hope Anthem's, Marc Scibilia, and passionate speakers traveling the country to bring the message of freedom to those who have not heard, and to inspire those who have to come to Washington on July 12. Five weeks, twenty eight cities, this is an experience not to miss out on, especially since all the concerts they are putting on are free and open to the public. Bring your friends! Everything is organized through local Meet ups, so if your Meet up Group has not yet contact Sherry Moore to organize events in your city, do so ASAP at or your city may miss out. Learn more:

Revolution March Team

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