Friday, May 9, 2008

Announcement - Expanding the march!

Great news! Our plans are really coming along for the march and rally - we're lining up our speakers and entertainment right now. We have invited several Congressmen and authors (some best-selling) to speak about various subjects. Not only will you have the opportunity to stand up and show your representatives that you are paying attention, but you will have the opportunity to grow in your civic knowledge! Topics to be covered include the Federal Reserve, the economy, foreign policy, subversion of the Constitution, fascism and the impending North American Union, which, of course, includes the topics of illegal immigration, open borders, land confiscation in Texas for the NAFTA Superhighway, and more!

That's not all! We are expanding on the march/rally idea to include many educational and action oriented activities throughout the week! We want this march to be more than just a march. We want this event to aid in producing future candidates, campaign managers, activists, and citizen lobbyists! The only way to effect change is legislatively. Now is your chance to do that:

Wednesday-Thursday: Citizens Lobby Workshops for those who would like to lobby Congress on Friday the 11th
Friday: Lobbying your Congressman and Senators with your new found skills
Also Friday: Demonstrating in front of the Federal Reserve Building
And, Friday is the Marshal training for the special folks who signed up to help keep things humming along the march route as well as the rally.
Saturday: The march!!!!!
Saturday, post march: Book signing and opportunities to meet the speakers

One day or the whole week, there will be plenty of opportunity for you to have an impact, network, have fun, and learn along the way! So plan on taking some vacation time and join us!

Have you made your travel plans yet? Currently there are 4 cross-country convoys being planned - starting in California! We are also negotiating with Best Western to be our official Nationwide Revolution March Hotel chain. The enthusiasm is electric!

We'll have more details on the web site about the activities prior to the march as well as more info on the "Ronvoy" in a few days. We will have a special website with all the details posted on soon!

Important: We are gearing up for a Memorial Day Money Bomb which will be on when it is ready. In the meantime, if people wish to donate, they can do it using the Chip-In widget on the home page. Without donations, this march can’t move forward, so please spread the word on this. Any donation, big or small, is needed and welcomed! Also, we will need your help finding sponsors for the event. Sponsors are organizations that will buy tables at the march to distribute their literature and will be given advertisement exposure on our web site, our radio program, and in our literature. We will have more info on that in a future email.

Please keep in mind when you are promoting that this is a family event, and that we encourage all people, regardless of age or political background to come and stand up for true freedom, and if you have any questions regarding the march, your job, fundraising, or any other aspect of this event, feel free to contact us at any time.

All we need now is the funding and sponsorship to ensure this event is a success! Please help us achieve our goals by donating here:

Revolution March Team


Jenny the Great said...

So what do i need to do to sign up for those seminars and educational trainings... will i beable to go if i just show up on wedseday?

Dan said...

Tremendous! The organizers of this event--really this series of events--should be congratulated and supported. You've done a great job and your efforts will not be in vain. I'm making every effort to attend not only the march itself but the educational activities beforehand. Together we can make a difference.

budhabubba said...

Are there any legal eagles involved to explain how to handle harassment by uniformed authorities 'vis a vis' the new patriot act which could make any of us with a video camera a terrorist. Advice on how to address this harassment in a civil but firm manner could avoid some negative network coverage. I'm hoping everyone has a video camera to capture any abuses on a grand scale.
Is there a liason in the group that will be in contact with the authorites about such matters?
mc sarasota

Deborah said...

Jenny, we will have some info on how to sign up very soon. We're still working out the details. Stay tuned.

Deborah said...

Dan, thank you. That means a lot.

Deborah said...

budhabubba, we have an attorney on our advisory board. In addition, we are planning on having the event filmed for a documentary.

Having stated that, I highly doubt there will be any problems like that. We have established a very good working relationship with the Dept. of Homeland Security; D.C. Metro Police; Capitol Hill Police; and the National Parks Service - all of whom we have had to work with in order to get the needed permits to have a march and a rally.

Also, we are billing this as a peaceful, family event. Ron Paul is a family man. Honestly, I doubt there will be issues of violence to be concerned about.