Monday, May 5, 2008

Tune in to Revolution March Radio

Tune in Wednesday at 9 PM Eastern to and get all the updates on Revolution March.

This week on the show we have Paul from Poker Face. Poker Face is a great band and they are dedicated to this movement. We are pleased to have Poker Face play live at the march on July 12 and we are excited to have Paul on Revolution March Radio.

Also we will have Trevor on to discuss the position of marshals and how it is important for everyone to understand who they are and why they are necessary for a successful march and rally.

And as always we will have music from the revolution!

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Revolution March Team


Tim said...

I find it incredible that there are only a lousy 14,000 pledges. My prediction going in was that this cause would easily surpass 500,000 early committments.

A Washington D.C. trip is a long one for the likes of me, and costly, but one I'd gladly make (...I did pledge by the way...); one I really want to make; but one that I can't justify for these piddly-ass numbers.

You can call me fair-weather, lazy, or whatever you like. That's just the facts as I see them.

Jack said...

Don't worry, Tim. Some people who go don't say so on the site. They just show up. Also, some people may pledge later or even join in at the last minute when they see the Ronvoy (Ron Paul convoy) show up.

chris hardy said...

hey, i have a band and we want to play the march - we're gonna be there anyway, so why not play? we're at . who does a guy need to ask about this?

Revolution March said...

Hello Chris,
Send an email to Neil at
Make sure the subject says Revolution March

SWolfe said...

Tim - Now that the official campaign website has it listed on their event calendar, people will see that July 12th really is the date, and I think they'll start making their plans...and I'm almost certain those numbers will go up - especially when we send out the press releases and the media announces it.

Jack - can't WAIT to see the Ronvoy come through!