Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Washington D.C.

We have received many questions regarding our choice of location for this march, specifically, why march in Washington DC instead of at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul?

One thing was immediately clear when this march was proposed; it must be about more than just Ron Paul, and the Republican party. Holding this march at the Republican National Convention would take away from our educational and unifying message through the implication that we were there solely to protest the actions of the party and/or the convention itself. This march is about more than that. It is about freedom and the Constitution!

The March on July 12th is planned to be an an educational event for the participants as well as our elected representatives. Washington DC provides the perfect opportunity for this as it is rich with history and provides easy access to our elected officials and their staff. Washington DC is where you can find your congressmen and Senators, Washington DC is where you can find Ron Paul, and most importantly it is where you can find the Constitution. Washington DC is where we want to be!

Logistically speaking, the DC police are trained professionals who are used to marches and rallies. They understand the law and the constitution and are prepared to facilitate a peaceful event. In St. Paul they are gearing up for riots and providing their police officers with taser guns. There is great potential for unrest at the RNC and it will be hard to provide a fun, educational family event with the potential of being tasered for speaking your mind. With that being said, and Revolution Management Foundation are supporters of activists such as Dr. King Jr and Ghandi; we practice non-violent civil disobedience and do not want to associate this movement with anything other than that.

It is tempting to cry foul and shake our fists at the many unfair tactics used by the GOP, and to be honest we're willing to support those who organize such a showing at the RNC through our logistics and promotional abilities, but that is not what this march is about. Rather, this march is an opportunity to bring the energy behind this revolution together in a positive manner and to let the voice of freedom be heard! Our presence in Washington DC will signify that we are paying attention, not just to this Presidential election, but to all of our elected officials and the decisions they are making on our behalf. Our presence in Washington DC will allow many people access to historic locations and documents, such as the Jefferson Memorial and the United States Constitution, possibly for the first time in their life. To sum up, our message is about freedom and the Constitution while the RNC is about Republicans and Ron Paul.

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