Thursday, April 17, 2008

Congratulations to the Granny Warriors!

On behalf of Revolution Management Foundation, I would like to congratulate the Granny Warriors on the success of their rally. While the crowd was small, the Grannies managed to put the April 15th rally together in record time and even got Ron Paul to attend. People who were there had a great time. Petitions were submitted to Congress, and the goal was achieved. To call their rally anything other than a success is not fair, in my opinion.

Reports indicate that there was some disorganization and that the choice of speakers could have been better. I guess you can't please everyone. Were mistakes made? Sure there were, and we can learn from them and make the Revolution March even better.

As you may know, we have been dedicated to abiding by the laws of DC and getting permits for our event. With many hours of phone calls, conferences, and emails, we finally got two dates. Because this is a grassroots effort, we put up a poll on our site and asked you which date worked best for you. We have also contacted Ron Paul's 'people' and provided them with a proprosal that includes the dates, proposed speakers, and events. We are waiting to hear back from Dr. Paul. Dr. Paul's offices have had this proposal for a week now. We are hopeful that they have passed the information on to him. Unfortunately, it has been very difficult to get people to respond in a timely matter, whether it is the D.C. permiting offices, or HQ, or Dr. Paul's schedulers. We have exhausted every angle we can think of to get an official date.

While we are frustrated, we are not discouraged. Having to work this hard to get a date only strengthens our resolve. We intend to have a very successful march and rally.

After having taken your ideas and adding a few of our own we have come up with a general idea of a theme and the events (this isn't set in stone):

Theme: The main theme of the March and Rally is Ron Paul’s message of Peace, Prosperity, and Freedom through adherence to the Constitution.

Speakers: Dr. Paul will be our Guest of Honor. Speakers will be announced at a later date.

We also intend to invite several other Congressmen and Senators to speak. Among those would be Congressman Goode, as well as some of the cosponsors, to talk about HCR40. HCR40 is the resolution to stop the NAFTA Highway and the NAU.

An MC is currently being discussed- suggestions are welcomed.

The March: We expect about 25,000 people to attend and we will be promoting this as a family event. Our plan is to have a meeting point to start the march, perhaps in front of the Whitehouse, and end at our rallying point. We would like to have people dressed colonial style, and also dressed as our Founding Fathers, to lead the march. We intend to wave posters of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, along with various other related banners and signs. We plan to pass out pocket copies of the Constitution and to hopefully organize a picket in front of the Federal Reserve Building at the same time as the March.

The Rally: We hope to have the stage also designed in a colonial motif. After the speakers, we intend to round off the event with entertainment. Comedy and music would be our ideal with perhaps a “Surprise” guest as the finale, which will be heavily promoted.

We will be organizing our marchers to visit Congress the day before the March, and meet their Congressmen and women and let them know that from now on, we will be working to make sure that good legislation is passed, and bad legislation is stopped.

Around 375 of you have volunteered to help with this event, and 14,000 of you pledged to march, even without a date. This speaks loudly and clearly that we, as a movement, inspired by Dr. Paul, are dead serious about making the changes needed to take our country back.

We are all feeling discouraged for various reasons and I'm sure the original revolutionaries of this great nation had their moments too. GET OVER IT!! If set- backs are going to cause you to wimper off licking your wounds and giving up, then you don't have what it takes to fight this fight. The rest of us will re-group and re-think our strategies and come back fighting harder than ever!

We are the grassroots! Failure is not an option. The success of this movement requires us to learn from mistakes and move on, becoming stronger, and wiser, and more effective. Dr. Paul never suggested only one march, he suggested we have many. Multiple marches accommodate everyone's schedules and finances. The point of rallies and marches is to effect change NOT get on TV. The media is our enemy. Their treatment of Dr. Paul is a testament to that fact. Multiple rallies and marches say to the establishment: "We are HERE and we are NOT going away! We will be a thorn in your side until you do our bidding as our public servants!"

As I've stated, we're doing this to effect change within Washington. One way of doing this is by bringing HCR40 congressmen and women together with the movement and by having a "lobby" day where we visit Congress and let them know we will be breathing down their necks from here on out.

This march has to be more than a kumbaya moment and a hope that we'll be on TV. Too many in this movement have that mindset about it and we need to change that. This march needs to be different than any other march. If we are going to make an impression on the only people who count - the lawmakers - then we need to come together en masse and be witnesses to the need for adherence to the Constitution. Be that witness.


Deborah Robinet
RMF Director and event organizer

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