Thursday, April 3, 2008

We have dates!!! Please Read

Today we can finally announce that we have dates for our march and rally! We tried very hard to secure the date of June 21st with both the National Parks Service and the Capitol Hill Police. Of course, while we agree with Ron Paul and many of you that June 21st would be optimal, it is just not logistically possible due to the popularity of this summer date. With that in mind, we are once again reaching out to our fellow members of The Revolution to find out how best to serve you, and our common goal.

Please visit our website at and vote for the date you think is best. We will also be contacting Ron Paul to find out what date is best for him to join us and be our guest speaker.


James said...

"The popularity of that date"? It is NOT the 4th of July, and that date (June 21th) IS significant BECAUSE it directly involves the United States Constitution. I'm sorry but I just don't "buy this" that we can't get a march permit for June 21th. "Somebody" in Washington is (AGAIN) attempting to marginalize this movement away from our core reason for being, and that is the U.S. Constitution. The longer that we are stalled from this date the less likely that we will be able mount any sizeable turnout for such event. I am starting to think that this may be the "real reason."

Anonymous said...

OK Lets pick a date - July, August, whatever - and start mobilizing. The instant we can mark an official date is the day we can really start getting the word out for this thing. Until then...its hard to send the clear message we need to potential revolutionaries. Plus if we could book some decent music acts, radio hosts, will only make the prospect of marching on DC more inviting to those on the fence. We need headliners with their own followings! And for headliners, we need a date. Long live the Constitution!