Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Announcing the Revolution March Radio Show

Hello Everyone!

For those who want to get more involved with the Revolution March, NOW is your chance!!!

The Revolution March now has a weekly radio show to help keep people informed and updated as well as reach out to those who would like to speak out or get more involved.

The show can be heard Wednesdays at 9pm eastern at http://www.RevolutionBroadcasting.com.

As we go forward, we also plan to bring you interviews from the speakers and the performers that will be at the march!

When you visit Revolution Broadcasting, you will see that there are multiple ways to interact. 1) You can participate and ask questions in the interactive chat room. 2) You will be able to call into the show via Skype or Phone.

Thanks and be sure to TUNE IN!


The Revolution March Organizers

More about Revolution Broadcasting:

Revolution Broadcasting is here to bring you the best in internet radio. While it is in its infancy, it will directed to and supported by you the grassroots efforts of this movement. Revolution Broadcasting combined the best radio shows from www.ronpaulradio.com and Ron Paul Revolution Radio to give you all the political news and Ron Paul updates. Please support this effort as it gives us a forum to broadcast important information about our march and rally as well as Ron Paul information.

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