Friday, July 18, 2008


The Revolution March on July 12 was a huge success! Thank you to all of the speakers, performers, marshals, sponsors, donors, volunteers, and attendees. I don't know about you, but I certainly had the time of my life!

The organizers and core team have been trying to recover from our exhaustion, but we do promise each of our individual stories from the event in the very near future! In the mean time, please read the amazing letter that Gary Franchi sent out to his organization, Restore the Republic:

All right, Catherine, the heat is on!

I'm back, fresh from the Revolution March... and I'm still a bit crispy from braving the heat and sun with the 8,000-20,000 Ron Paul supporters...what an amazing event!

Clearly this was the Ron Paul event that he wanted us to organize... my hat is off to the Revolution March organizers for their outstanding performance in pulling it all together... It was an absolute honor to work with these 100% dedicated supporters of Ron Paul's Freedom Message.

While others have tried and failed organizing on such a scale, the Revolution March Team was able to accomplish this feat. To top it off the Rev March team members never even met face to face until the day of the event. That in itself is a testimony to the power of todays digital activism.

In my opinion, this is THE team to work with in the future for Freedom related events, and I will guarantee you that Restore The Republic will have their back in any situation and will support any event they plan in the future.

They are number one.

The speakers were outstanding, the music was powerful and Ron Paul was on fire... he was so hot someone passed out during his speech! In total 9 people passed out from the heat of the day. Thank God the Rev March team thought it out and had a trained and organized team of Medics ready to react in the event of an emergency. They responded with lightning speed to take the exhausted to safety.

After the rally the Rev March team even offered us a complimentary table in their rented hotel conference room so we could freely give out hundreds of copies of issue #7, "The Blueprint to Restore America" to those in attendance.

No stone was left unturned by the Rev March Team despite attempts to derail the event by embedded agents from within the movement.

This event was made entirely possible because of the dedicated Ron Paul supporters within Restore The Republic who donated to the Revolution March and because RTR members support our efforts by ordering Republic Magazines in bulk to spread the freedom message... For that we are eternally grateful.

Please help keep the momentum going and continue to spread freedom message and order your bulk copies today.Your support makes more of these events possible.

Please visit today to get your bulk copies... and lets keep the heat on!!!

Yours in Freedom and Truth,
Gary Franchi
National Director
Restore The Republic!

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