Thursday, July 10, 2008

Live Coverage

For those of you that can't make it to DC, don't worry! Live coverage of the march will be provided by . Bummed you can't see your favorite speaker in person? Tune in to hear their speech live!

Please contact your meetups and anyone else that can't be in DC and let them know we will cover the event for them.

Don't forget, if you have not pledged to march, there is no time like TODAY to do so:

See you tomorrow!


Take America Back NOW! said...
Quit playing games and join a real Army for the People. I'll bet hardly anyone was there yesterday (July 12th) or we'd be seeing news about it or at the very least coverage on one of the Ron Paul sites and I see NOTHING. So guess what sheeple and chattle? You need a man in the field with you who will march with you from day one and he is I. I will punch the politicians right in the mouth, literally and you will all see that they can be punished just like what they're doing to us. I not only talk about DIRECT ACTION but, I actually do it. Get ready to see politicians being thrown out on their fat white asses before they can do anymore damage to our country. Wake up no one else is going to get this done we have to do it ourselves.

Anonymous said...

hey take america back now!

I had one of the first videos up.

I had a lot of work trying to peace everything together, its going to take a little longer for other people because they have LIVES they have to attend to plus editing down video and pictures and uploading them . If you look now you will see many videos and pictures. But you know you would not need any of that stuff if you where there..