Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pledge Counter and Commemorative Ticket

We have some exciting announcements about our website! It has been a long time coming but our new pledge counter is up and running. Please take a few minutes to visit our site and pledge to attend the Revolution March so we have an accurate count for July 12. Let us show the non-believers just how many voices will be calling for liberty at the r3VOLUtion March!

Even if you already pledged, please do so again, we account for that during the pledging process!!!!!!

Pledge Counter Story: After Ron Paul made the call for a "Grand Rally" multiple websites popped up, confusing many people about who was planning the march. Revolution teamed up with to work on this event. had the pledge counter so we directed people there and linked the pledge counter to our site. After collecting nearly 15,000 names, the RonPaulMarch site shut down with no explanation. We lost touch with the people running the site, and we lost the pledge counter. We have yet to regain contact with them. It took a while for us to develop the technology to create a new counter, but now it is up and running and ready to get ticking!

Commemorative ticket: When you pledge, you will do more than show the non-believers the size of event, you will also be able to get our commemorative ticket. Unlike other pledge counters, when you pledge on our site you will have the option to receive a commemorative ticket for a donation of $25. The tickets are uniquely numbered. On the back are the names of the speakers, and sponsors of the event. They will be printed on a fine card stock and are approximately (9.5" x 4.25"). These beautiful commemorative tickets will provide you with a life-long memento of the march.

While it is not necessary to purchase a ticket for the event, we are selling these as souvenirs to help raise the funds needed for the event. Please pledge and get your tickets today! See you at the March!

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