Monday, October 27, 2008

Restore the Republic and Revolution Broadcasting

This summer Gary Franchi and Restore the Republic were very supportive of our march and rally in Washington D.C. Gary helped advertise the event in his magazine, his website and his email list. For that we are very thankful. Gary was also one of our wonderful MCs for the event.

Also another big help to our efforts was Revolution Broadcasting. We had a radio show on Revolution Broadcasting to give updates and progress reports about the march as well as running commercials leading up to the event.

We are now working on organizing a march and rally for 2009 and we look forward to working with Gary Franchi and Restore the Republic as well as Revolution Broadcasting. Below is a press release announcing the merger between Revolution Broadcasting and Restore the Republic to create Restore the Republic Radio (RTR Radio).

Press Release:

Aaron Russo’s Restore the Republic and Revolution Broadcasting have merged to create a radio network super community of information to the American People!
The merger now has the network with over 100,000 subscribers and growing every day.
The merger was a huge step in bringing together 2 great entities that have now become one for each and every American as well as people around the world.
Restore The Republic print publication that can be found here :
Revolution Broadcasting a world wide radio network can be found here : or

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