Monday, December 7, 2009

Do you support the Liberty Restoration Project, the Ladies of Liberty Alliance and / or Gadsden Tees?

Here is an opportunity to support all three :)

For one week only, the first 50 shoppers: $20 gets you a 2010 Ladies of Liberty Alliance Calendar (I am May!) and a "Come and Get it" Gadsden Tee! Shop here : .

LOLA is working to bring liberty loving women into the movement while empowering them into leadership positions!

LRP is moving and shaking at the State Level in Missouri, working hard to promote sovereignty through nullification laws and through empowering the grassroots to stand up against fusion centers. support grassroots organizations all over the country by providing a way for them to raise much needed dollars and by turning our supporters into walking billboards :)

Please check out our latest and greatest collaborative project with Texans for Accountable Government at (check back for updates, they will be coming fast in the next few days.

Catherine Bleish
executive director
Liberty Restoration Project

Freedom reaches across party lines.

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From: Kevin Kobe
Date: Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 7:47 PM
Subject: [Liberty Restoration Project] Special Three Organization Store Collaboration

You're probably aware that we re-launched our store last month, with a few new items that have received rave reviews, but today starts a special treat!We generally try to limit use of our mailing list to informational purposes, instead of promoting our sales department, but we felt that this special was too special not to let everyone know about it.

This is a rare one week opportunity to support three organizations with one small purchase!

We've teamed up with Gadsden Tees and Ladies of Liberty Alliance to offer Gadsden Tees' "Come and Take It" shirt and 2010 LOLA Calendar for the low price of $20.00Both of these items make great gifts for any patriot in your life.

To make a purchase and help these three organizations into the new year, visit and buy a calendar/shirt special!stay tuned throughout the rest of the year for important information on the great things we have planned for 2010!!!!

Thank you for your time,
Kevin L. Kobe
KC Area Director,
Liberty Restoration Project

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